How to Open a Jam Window

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Opening a Jam Window
Jam Window opened by home owner

It might be frustrating and irritation situation when you want to open a window and find that window won’t nudge. Window can get jam for many reasons such as frame shits might be painted, wood frames might have wrapped in wet climate and the home might have been settled in a wet weather region. But when it comes for opening a jam window, you’ll need efforts and little bit of patience for opening it. There are many techniques and different ways of opening a jam window. The stated ways offers with better understanding of opening a jam window easily by the home owners.



Ways of opening a jam window:

Lubricating the jam windows:

Make the use of candle for lubricating a jam window. Hold it in the hands and rub the end section of the candle on the channels where the window gets open. Start spreading the wax on the bottom surface of the window channel. And allow the wax to stick and rest for some time. This wax of candle offers better allowance to the windows for sliding down and up and preventing future sticking and jamming situation.

Lubricating Spray used for a jam window
Dry lubricating Spray

You can also make the use of a blow dryer. It helps in removing the moisture present in the window frames. It’s natural, wood gets swollen when exposed to humidity and it becomes one of the causes of jam windows. It’s advisable of drying up the wood used in the windows. It helps in opening the jam windows easily.

Start the process of unjam the windows by running the hair dryer on the edges of the windows frames. After drying the wood and the frames, try opening it by applying a little push. You can also go for placing a dehumidifier in your room with the jam windows. It is helpful because it will lower the rate of humidity in your room and it helps in reducing the swelling situation of the frames of windows.

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Planning of using a hammer for opening a jam window? Probably, one of the good option to try for. Make the use of a wooden block and hard hammer for increasing the size of the window channels. If the window glass is placed in the wooden frame, make the use of a wooden block and keep it on the channel section where the window gets opened. Hammer it gently for depressing the wooden block. By using it, make the window frames wider enough for easy opening and closing it.

Spraying a lubricating solution along with the window channels and the edges is helpful for the home owners. Solution like WD 40 is one of the efficient solutions, best suitable of opening a jam window. But, there are certain things to be kept in mind while spraying the lubricating spray. Using it might also discolor the surfaces and also can damage the paint. Lubricant spray helps in smoother functioning of the jam windows. And for the best example, you can repeat opening the windows again and again. It will impact a less tract of jam windows.

Prying of opening a jam window:

Start the process by properly examining the window, both the exteriors as well as the interiors. Make sure that the window is eligible to open. Many a times, it’s observed that the window is not liable to open because of its construction. Windows with no hinges or windows with single pane that cannot be slide is likely to not get opened.

Make sure you know that in which direction the window gets opened. Is it opening upwards, sideways or outwards? Don’t forget to pay attention on the locks that are properly disengaged or not. Remove any dried paint that you observe on the sealing of the window. Removing it will help you getting rid of jam window.

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Prying used foe opening a jam window
Prying, hammer and putty knife

You can make the use of razor putty knife that is helpful in cutting off the edges of the window. Don’t forget to check even the exteriors side of the window. Make sure any paint shut is not interrupting in operating the windows.

Make the use of putty knife. Insert it into the window frames and play its action. Wriggle the putty knife forth and backward for opening the space for jam windows. Run it all around the window edges for loosening the sides properly.

Hammer is helpful in breaking the seal created by paint. It should be hammer on the edges because the seal is mostly observed on the edges. You can use the wooden block as a cushion for blowing and using the hammer. It helps in preventing dent in your window frames.

It’s advisable of using the hammer very gently for not breaking the glass and the frames of the window. Hammer the window and not the glass section of it. Now gently apply a little push for opening the jam window. Use your hands for loosening the window from one section. It’s advisable only concentrating on one side at a time.

Make a note of things:

  • Press and push a little while opening the jam window.
  • Push each and every corner, turn by turn for observing any movement.

Start using a pry bar that is easily available from a general store or a hardware store near your home. Place a small piece of wooden block on the window edge and frames. Give you pry a turn of opening a jam window. It’s advisable applying more leverage to the pry bar because it can offer an ease in opening the jam window.

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Now gently press and push the window towards up by using a pry bar. It’s advisable of repositioning the pry bar frequently. This helps in opening the window from both the edges and sides of the frames. Don’t get hurried in this situation. Press a little amount of push every time you lift the window.

When using a pry bar, there are certain things to keep in mind. It might also damage the wooden frames and the wood installed in the window. It’s advisable of making the use of pry bar at the last resort if you’re unable in opening the jam window.

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