How To Maintain Your Garage

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Maintain your garage for space utilisation
Maintain your garage for cleanliness

Garage is one such important part of your house which you never realize. Just imagine your house without garage, your vehicle will be spoiling because of hard sun rays or extreme rain or snow fall. Even your vehicle can be stolen without having a garage to secure your vehicle. It is totally true that garage is one such part of your house which does not need much attention and maintenance. But not paying a little attention towards your garage is totally unfair. Garage is low maintenance thing still it plays a magnificent role in increasing the value of your house. Here are some of the easy tips that will guide you on how to maintain your garage.

  • Pay attention to your garage door

The newer doors which garages have are generally self lubricated. It needs not to have any oil or something. But what if your garage is having the old door? If it is so then you need to put proper oil into its door. Otherwise it may possible that after a period of time your garage door starts making clumsy noise while you open and close it. It sound will definitely irritate you. Thus, for the betterment of your door and yourself also put oil in your garage door on a regular basis.

  • Clean your garage

It’s very important to clean your garage. A dirty garage even makes your precious vehicle dirty. Make use of a leaf blower and clean out all the dirt, grime, dust, dead bugs and cobwebs out from your garage. Also pay attention to rubber seal which is placed on the bottom of your garage door. Take care if there is anything stuck under your garage door then don’t forcefully open and close it, it can cause scratches on the floor and also hardens your door. Take care of such minute things otherwise you have to replace it. Replacement can cause you a big amount.

  • Clean interior doors and gutters

It is very much important that you should focus on cleaning your interior doors and gutters at least once in whole year. Clogged gutters are very dirty. If gutter is there in your garage then you better clean it properly. Gutters can be clogged with falling leaves, debris, oil and such other things. You must clean them every spring and fall. While cleaning this you must also check out for missing shingles and tiles on your roof.

  • Watch out for pest invasions

Some of the pests are very harmful for the garage. These pests eat up the wooden things of the garage and hence they destroy it very badly. Pests like termites and carpenter can heavily damage your wall of the garage. For checking out these pests, you must inspect the dark places and moist places. They stay in such kind of places and then spread and damage your property. They can also be spotted in cool place. If you find any kind of such pest or sign of these pest take prompt actions and save your garage.

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