How To Maintain A Green Roof

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Ways of maintaining a Green roof
Maintaining a Green roof with care

Green roofs are similar to garden. You must be aware of the amount and type of maintenance a garden needs. Similar kind of maintenance is needed by green roofs. At first step you have to decide which type of garden you want on your roof. If you want to opt for intensive green roof then it is bit difficult. Intensive green roofs will need more time and effort. Instead you should opt for extensive green roofs it does not need much time and effort. You cannot get a straight and simple answer as to how to maintain a green roof so here are some of the general suggestions which will help you if you are intending to have a green roof.

  • First of all you should remove all the unwanted plants. The soil usually comes with many unwanted plants during the first season. It is very crucial job to remove all of them. But if you want your green roof to establish well, it is very important to remove all unwanted plants so that they don’t hinder the junior plants in growing well. If you leave all unwanted plants uncut then your plants grown of your choice will be crowded by the unwanted plants and your green roof will be of your choice.
  • Make sure that you drainage area is clear out of plants. The edge of the roof and the border area should be cle4ar out of plants along with the graveled areas around drain outlet. Other roof penetrations should also be kept clear out of all plants. If plants are grown near any of this area, it will clog up the drain.
  • If you want good maintenance of your green roof, you should compost at least twice in a year. Compost full of nutrient should be added to your roof garden in autumn and spring. It is very beneficial in having an enriched green roof. It also enriches the quality of the soil.
  • Many of times, there are large quantity of unwanted plants. Many birds and animals come to your roof and drop some of the seed which gets absorbed by the soil and turn into plant which you don’t need. Some seeds are fine but it is of an oak then it is really not good for your roof as it cannot bear the weight of it and can lead to damaging your roof. Thus it is necessary to clear all those unwanted plants.
  • Make sure that you don’t water much. Now you must be wondering that how is it possible to maintain a green roof without watering but along with having a good garden, it is equally important to take care of your roof. More amount of water increases weight on your roof. Thus it is advisable to grow such plants on your roof which needs less amount of water and can bear heat.
  • Watch out for pests and diseases. Take care that more diseases and pests don’t enter your garden and it is already there then cure it as soon as possible.
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