How to Keep your Air Conditioning Unit up to Date

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)
Contractor checking Air Conditioning Unit
Air Conditioning Unit Inspected by inspector

During summers, the air conditioning unit consumes the highest energy bills and spending more money on paying off the bills is not done. For some homes, air conditioning might be luxury while for some it is a necessity. Many ideas on saving energy and keeping your home cool without the use of air conditioning unit are available, but at times facing extreme summers, air condition is must. Staying cool and saving money with useful energy saving tips is the ultimate aim of home owners. There are hottest days of summer coming to make your air conditioning unit work to its hardest.

Purchase of air conditioner is among the largest investment you make at your home. Think of having a perfect air conditioner for experiencing its best outcomes. Different types of air conditioners may confuse you while taking the decision. Study your home architecture and decide which type of air conditioning unit is suitable for your home. There are several types of air conditioning units that can be installed at your home such as split or ductless air conditioner, portable conditioner and Window air conditioner as may be suitable for your space. For someone not well-acknowledged by the task of purchasing the right type of air conditioning unit may find this difficult. Researching it well plays an important role. Checking for filters, cooling features, vacuum system, and disconnect box sums up the list of things to know while purchasing an air conditioning unit.

Checklist of things to consider while buying air conditioning unit for your home.

  • It is advisable of buying it in cooler months. Many reputed brands present a clearance sale and sales stock for customers. Take the advantage of such situations to buy your air conditioning unit in accordance to your budget.
  • Decide between types of air conditioning unit you need. Portable units are preferable because it doesn’t need any mounted windows. Whereas wall air conditioning units are fixed on walls by cutting into the exterior walls of your home.
  • Select right cooling capacity of your unit. Measure your room and assume the appropriate capacity of air conditioning unit to be required. A unit with too high capacity for small space will lead you with unnecessary energy consumption. While an air conditioner with less capacity of cooling for more spaced room is not appropriate too.
  • Check for the cooling capacity of selecting air conditioning unit. It is measure in BTUs per hour. The more BTUs, more cooling power is observed in the air conditioner.
  • Opt for an air conditioning unit that displays the marking of EER. EER stands for Energy Efficient Ratings. Air conditioning unit with higher marking of ERR proves to have less energy consumption benefit.
  • Make proper view on the louvers installed in the unit. An air conditioner is needed to be placed in such a manner that aims center of room for spreading the cooling effects evenly. If your window is off-centered, vents are needed to be adjusted to the accurate position, so that louvers work efficiently for your space. Make sure that it is mobilized and easily adjustable.
  • Do not forget to pay attention on its special features. Many air conditioners have special features like remote controls that make its operating easier. Setting timer is another feature that allows programming of the unit easily. Use timer for turning on the unit before you get to your home, set it for deciding at which time the air conditioning unity must stop working and many more of such features.
  • If the store keeper allows, try out for using the unit itself at the store. Check out the noise level and method of operating it easily.
  • Lastly, check for the updates of installing the air conditioning unit at your home. Many service providers provide the service of installing the unit while some do not. Focus on its requirement and installing process.

Only installing an air conditioning unit is not the last job, but maintaining it to keep it up to date should be the perspective of the home owners. There is nothing better than an air conditioning unit in summers, then why to take a chance of spoiling it.

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The job of an air conditioner is to move heated air out of your home and cooling your home interior. It works by pulling the heat out of the hot air and starts cooling up the home. And with the help of compressor installed in the exteriors of home, refrigerant maintains the level of cooling temperature attained. Then what goes wrong?

Well, a perfect answer for this question is proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit installed at your home. It is important to keep your air conditioner up to date for having perfect a summer. Routine maintenance is the best way of treating your unit to work efficiently. If maintained properly, saving of energy consumption is in your ways. Keeping your air conditioning unit is shape will lead you to save energy and stay cool.


Ways of keeping your air conditioning unit up to date

Maintaining of air conditioning filters

Filters cleaned by inspector
maintenance of filters by contractor

When you need to change the filters? Why you want to clean your filters? And what is the process? These are some of the questions that will lead to have proper filters installed. Filters are actually used for eliminating solid contaminants such as pollen and dust for ensuring better quality of air at your home.

Research states that indoor pollution is common now a days because of the material and chemicals used for cleaning or furnishing at your home. Filters are placed where the AC sucks bad air and filters it by providing good air to breathe and maintain a healthy atmosphere. It traps the bad air that is affected by bad contaminants and defuses clean air with the cooling effect.

Now you might understand the importance of maintaining an air conditioning filter in a proper manner. Cleaning or replacing the filter will enhance the unit’s efficiency to approximately upto 10 to 15 percentages.

To enjoy a proper cooling effects, filters should be cleaned regularly and if required must be replaced as per the guidance manual of the manufacturing unit. This effect will ensure its longevity and enhance its efficiency too.

When dirt and debris gets accumulated in the filters of AC unit, it creates blockage for the air preventing it to travel through it. This results in breakdown of the machine. If this debris is not cleaned, it may be possible that the air which flows from the unit gets contaminating effects to your health. Even the evaporating coils gets hindered because of extreme heat supply containing dust particles.

Want to prevent breakdowns of your air conditioning unit at your home? Cleaning the surrounding area of it will lead you further. To keep an air conditioning unit up to date, make attempts to maintain tidy atmosphere around your AC unit. It will help your unit to gain maximum efficiency level with clean and healthy hygiene.

Install the unit in such a place which is free from harmful objects and foliage, so the unit can mechanize properly. When you place a huge object behind a box fan it cannot intake sufficient air to flow, similarly if you find any shrubs or plants surrounding it, shred them down. Proper air flow is very important for having a well-favored air conditioning unit.

Try to maintain the surroundings on a regular basis, for experiencing efficient working and less breakdowns of the air conditioning unit.

Cleaning your air conditioning unit

Contractor cleaning the Exterior air conditioning unit
Exterior air conditioning unit maintained by inspector

Not only interiors, cleaning the exteriors of the unit is important for having accurate functioning. When the debris and dirt build up a wall on the outer surface of the unit, it obstructs the airflow to enter the room.

This affects to more energy consumption and reduces the cooled air to enter up the premise. Both the indoor as well the outdoor units should be cleaned properly.

For indoor cleaning, remove or replace the air filters and install a fresh filter. Before doing so, it is advisable to consult the owner’s manual for appropriate size of filter, measurements and accurate filter for your model of air conditioning unit. Shutting off the power is important before you replace the filter. If you don’t find it, then turn off the main panel of electric supply for carrying the work ahead. Vacuum the inner side of the unit and remove the entire debris and dust visible. Lubricating the ports of the rotors and the motor will lead you in having smooth functioning of the air conditioning unit.

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Accumulation of algae is another reason that results in blockage of airflow. Remove it gently with the help of required tools, so the drain tube doesn’t gets damaged. Use a small bristle brush for cleaning the drain tube. Assemble the indoor unit parts again for running the air conditioner.

Turn off the power supply of the air conditioner to clean the exteriors unit or air conditioner. With the help of shutting down the fuse, process of cleaning the unit will be carried efficiently. Make the use of vacuum for cleaning the condenser fins. Unscrew the protective layer of metal sheet of the unit and use soft bristle brush for vacuuming it properly.

Pay proper attention to accumulation of grass, leaves and weeds that are observed, for having proper airflow from the air conditioning unit.

Remember, vacuum it gently in order to avoid damaging the fins installed in the unit. They are soft and easily bendable. If facing such situation, make the use of a fin comb or a dinner knife for shaping it straight again. Clean the fan fixed at the top surface of the grill. Be gentle in unscrewing the grill because it is connected with the unit through an electric wire.

Wipe the damp fan before installing it back on its place. Lubricate the fan properly by applying five drops of oil specially made for electric products. Many such fans don’t need oiling but if you are facing any blockage, then use it well.

Spray the fins with moderate water pressure for cleaning the inner unit of air conditioner. For this empty the unit and start cleaning it with the help of water. Reinstall the fan and grill to its original place and screw it well before you start up your air conditioning unit.

Replacing of fuses of air conditioning unit

Preventing your air conditioning unit from major breakdown has now become very easy. With the help of replacing the fuses of the unit, your air conditioner will not lead to heavy damaging effects. It is best to replace the old fuse with the new one every three months.

If you are a handyman or handywoman, go for replacing it but if you are not confident enough, call for professional help for replacing it. You can replace the fuses yourself by following the below stated steps.

  1. First turn off the unit circuit breaker supplying the electric supply.
  2. Disconnect Box installed in the unit should be watched out while removing the fuse.
  3. It is important to carry the old fuse with you, for not making any wrong purchase as many different types of fuses are available in the market.
  4. Now fix the new fuse into the Disconnect Box again.
  5. Shut down the Disconnect Box gently for not causing any damage.
  6. Lastly, switch on the unit again for better efficiency and functioning.

Accurate setting of temperature

Setting your personal preference, the average temperature of any air conditioning unit is 78 degree Fahrenheit. As you raise the temperature above this level, it will cost 10 percentage of more energy consumption for supplying cooled air.

For maintaining your air conditioning unit, make the use of ceiling fans. Ceiling fans works accurately in the matters of maintaining the room temperature. Set the unit at prescribed degree of temperature and slow down your ceiling fan. Both works relative in nature and hence the benefit of less energy consumption is achieved.

Doing this will lead you in keeping the temperature on thermostat to be higher and less pressure would be supplied on your air conditioning unit. This will result in cutting down the energy consumption bills.

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Inspection of AC ducts

AC ducts inspection by home owner
Checking of AC ducts at home

Inspecting your ducts will lead you to better indoor air quality. Ducts are installed for letting the cooled air enter your home. Many times we observe proper cooling doesn’t reach the rooms. If one of the ducts has a leakage, this situation will come across. Cool air will end up to that area where it is not required, example interiors of walls and in the AC ducts itself.

It is not possible to keep an eye regularly on the ducts installed. Rather it is advisable of hiring a professional inspector for air conditioning ducts, for inspecting the duct’s ins and outs. Inspecting it every three to five years sounds appropriate for such situation.

It is important to clean the accumulation of debris and dust in the ducts for supply of healthy air quality at your home. Follow the inspection with the professionals while having this process is carried.

While in some circumstances, it is possible that the inspector will recommend you of repairing the air ducts entirely for increasing the efficiency and functioning of air conditioning unit ducts installed. Many tools are helpful for inspecting AC ducts such as hand cleaning tools which includes brushes and pneumatic agitator. The accumulated debris often gets loosen by using brushes and with the help of pneumatic agitator or vacuum it can be removed from it.

Pneumatic agitator includes devices such as air skippers, air whips and blowguns which work towards collecting the debris observed in your air conditioning ducts. Talking about the vacuum collection devices, then yes, they are more productive than hand cleaning tools. Two types of vacuum collection devices are available – the portable unit and the trucks or the trailer units.

Portable unts are more friendly in operations. It can be directly dragged to the exact duct inspecting area for cleaning it while Trucks or Trailer units are mounted on to a fixed area and they are more powerful in its functions.

Inspecting your air conditioning ducts properly will lead you to head off costly problems of fixing or repairing it.

Replacing your air conditioning unit

At times it is best to replace your old air conditioning unit with a new one. There are many benefits of doing so such as increasing the efficiency, less energy consumption and up to date technology for your home.

Factors that will help you in identifying the best time to replace it are stated below.

  1. What is the age of your air conditioning unit? if it is above 10 years, then it is the appropriate time to replace it.
  2. The new AC units are highly efficient and with the SEER ratings they are assumed to be working 25 percentages more than your old air conditioning unit.
  3. While opting for new air conditioner, check for its ratings that should be above 13. It will help you in saving 30 percentages of energy consumption bills at your home.
  4. If your old air conditioning unit needs frequent repairs, it is advisable to replace it with the trending latest technology in AC units.
  5. The air conditioning unit does not cool your home wholly because of its old age and technology.
  6. An upward graph observed in your energy bills. i.e. it keeps on increasing every time.
  7. Installation of AC unit of inappropriate size. The unit that is too small for your room has to work harder for cooling your home and may not result well whereas big unit may result into higher consumption of energy for cooling small space at your home.

So now, keeping your home comfortable and saving energy has becomes simple for you. The above stated ways of keeping your air conditioning unit up to date will prove beneficial for the home owners who want to maintain their air conditioning unit accurately.


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