How to Install Roof and Deck Drainage System

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
Image of Deck drainage system
Process of Deck drainage system

Drainage system is among the most important term for any home. When you’re having a flat roof surface, it is very important to create and install a proper roof drainage system so that it helps in preventing wrapping, flooding and premature replacing situation of roof. There are many homes with flat roof. And the homes with flat roofs have no such ways for draining the collected water away from the roof. This simply results in creating a dangerous surface of accumulated water in the top most surface of the roof. This will result in seeping the water into the interiors of the home and ultimately damage the interiors. Creating a DIY process of roof drainage system is easy as long as you’re using people materials and tools for the project.

Similarly, deck drainage system is among the important section of the home to be considered. Well, it is also a great thought of installing a deck drainage system. It has also become way more popular in the recent days. But installing it might sound somewhat difficult to the home owners. But, there’s nothing to worry about as the process of installing roof and deck drainage system are stated here. Follow the steps of installing them both for enjoying a sound drainage system in your home premise.

Things you’ll need for the process of installing rood and deck drainage system:


  • Staple gun
  • Knife
  • Caulk
  • Drainage kit
  • Saw
  • Glasses
  • Measuring tape
  • Staples
  • Gloves
  • Caulking gun
  • Water hose
  • Screwdrivers
  • Drain spouts
  • Drains

Process of installing roof drainage system:


  • Roof drainage system
    Process of installing Roof drainage system

    Start planning for the things and the area you need to cover while performing the process of roof drainage system. The first step in any of the project is to plan about the things you’ll need, materials consumption, budget, strategy, structure and the tools which you’ll need further.

  • Plan where to place the roof drains for creating the functional structure of drainage system. Well, it is advisable to place the roof drains in lowest point of the roof is important to note that the placement of the roof should also be on the edges of the roof and its surroundings. This will help you in creating a smoother and simpler drainage system in your roof.
  • It is advisable to clear the surface of the roof before you start with the process. If you’ve any accumulated or still water ion the surface of your roof, you need to drain it off the surface before you install the roof drainage system. Make the use of a water hose. This works in sucking the water off the surface of the roof. Disconnect the hose with the faucet and fill the hose with the water. Place an end of the hose on the section of the roof filled with water and other on the other side of the roof.
  • It will simply result in moving the water from the hose and remove the accumulated water on the roof surface. Now, it is time for removing any few of the bricks from your roof for placing your roof drainage system. It is advisable to remove only few of the bricks so that it doesn’t come on the integrity of your roof. All you need to create enough amount of openings that can help in flowing the accumulated water without any hold.
  • Install the drains and the pipes to the location where you decided to install it. The drainage pipes will connect to the spout system that will help in preventing the water to flow directly to the down side of the roof and take it away from the home premise. Most of the drainage pipes re attached with by using nails and screws directly to the fascia. It is advisable to follow the instructions stated by the manufacturers. Each and every manufacturer uses different types of attachments to the system, so it is important to read the instructions stated on the manufacturing box.
  • So, be sure to read the instructions before you start installing the drainage pipes in your roof. Now, it is the time to attach the gutters into the drainage pipes for installing your drainage system. The downspout will lead the water to flow away from the home premise. Each and every drainage spout is designed in a different manner. It is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions manual before you head ahead.

Process of installing deck drainage system:


  • Flowing water from Deck drainage system
    Deck drainage system image

    Select the materials that are important for the process. It is usually easier to install a kit with simply just with the measurements of your deck, but if you’re planning of being handy, it is advisable to get a downspout, gutter and a trough as your option too.

  • You will also need a mid-span nailer for putting it underneath that will be useful during the process of installing deck drainage system in your home. This will help in in making the joist to be in a straight manner as it should be.
  • Now, it is the time for installing downspout to your deck for removing any accumulated water from the surface of your deck. Make sure you measure your downspout before you install it as it is very important. Make sure that the cup end of the downspout should be nailed and screwed perfectly so that it doesn’t move from its place. It is important to double check this stop so make sure you follow and perform this process a bit slow.
  • Install the trough back to the location which you planned for installing your deck drainage system. Make sure it is attached with the downspout so that the water can easily flow away from the surface of the deck. After installing it, now it is the time for laying the last thing, the deck. Now, that your drainage system is ready, you need to lay the deck surface again for enjoying a perfect deck drainage system in your home.
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