How to Install Pergola and Cellular Shades

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2017)
Window shades installed
Installation of Window shades

There are varied options available when it is the option of installing window shades. Pergola and cellular are among the options of shades which are most preferred these days. Well, pergola shades are among the most popular options of window shades. They are very popular, practical and decorative option that can be used when you’re using pergola. Apart from selecting it as the option of accessories you can also use it in the form of pergola shades for your windows. And the process of installing pergola shades is not at all that much difficult as you’re thinking.

And if you’re selecting cellular shades as the option for your window, well you should follow proper instruction for the installation process. Installing cellular shades might seems to be intimidating at first, but simply by following with few accurate tools and materials, the process of installing cellular shades turn up to be simply and easy. With certainly few steps, you will soon have an attractive look of window shades installed in your home. It not only increases the beauty but has the potential of changing the ambience and lights of the room in seconds. Here is the exact steps and information about installing pergola and cellular shades in your home. Follow them for the best and beautiful results, wait for you ahead.

Things you’ll need for installing cellular shades and pergola shades:

  • Shades
  • Drill
  • Posthole digger
  • Hooks
  • Ladder
  • Screwdriver
  • Cement mix
  • Shades
  • Posts
  • Screws
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Cellular shades
  • Wood shim
  • Mounting brackets
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Process of installing cellular shades:

Types of Cellular shades
Cellular shades sizes

Start the process by getting the tools together:

For beginning with the process, it’s advisable of marking the place of brackets on the windows to be installed. Make sure of measuring at least 2 to 3 inches from the side jamb and mark the position which is measured. Now, it’s the time for marking your screw hole position for placing your brackets. Now, make sure you hold the metal brackets on the position marked.

Installation of cellular shades:

If the brackets are installed properly to the market position, now you’re ready and all set for installing the cellular brackets on your windows. It’s advisable of drilling the holes carefully on the marked position. Once you observe the installation of brackets, don’t forget to check the leveling of the brackets and its stability with the wood shim. Once everything is placed on its marked position, you just simply need to clip in the cellular shades you bought from the market.

Check the functionality too:

Once you’ve install the shades securely in the windows, it’s advisable of double checking the operational and the functional aspects for enjoying your brand new installation of cellular shades in your home.

Process of installing pergola shades:

Pergola shades installed
Image of Pergola shades

Purchase and measure the pergola shades:

First and the foremost thing you need to perform are to select the exact size of the shades you want to install on your windows. So, it’s advisable of measuring the parts where the shades are going to be installed. Also measure the angle which you want to install. Select the pergola shades that flows off the rainwater away from the surface of your home. In short, it should be slightly tilted for not letting the water to enter up your home premise. All these things are no doubt are important but don’t forget to see the amount of sun rays you want to have in your room.

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Start attaching the pergola shades to the windows:

Well, home owners have many of the option when it comes for selecting an appropriate shade for the home. Even, there are many brands that produce pergola shades. And trust me folks, installing pergola shades is very easy; you simply need to insert the loop which is already designed in the shades. After installing the pergola shades, the next is to fix them and secure them by using screws. Tighten the screws properly for not moving the shades installed.

After performing this, further you need to straighten the shades as much as possible by pulling it towards the outer side and fasten it to the post decided. Well, installation of post can be made by using any of the material like galvanized steel or from wood material too.

Digging the holes for the posts:

Make the use of a posthole digger on order to deal with digging of holes in the ground surface where you’ll set up the posts for installing your pergola shades. Well, the place where the posts are to be installed will play an important role for ultimately the sturdiness of the shades installed. This helps in to be sure that the pergola shades once attached will be properly pulled so as to avoid unsightly and crease look.

Start fixing the posts:

After creating the holes and installing the posts in it, it’s advisable to fill the posts in half of the manner by using the mixture of cement. Then start inserting the posts into the cement holes and encompasses the base by adding and pouring more cement to the holes. Apply a bit of pressure for fitting the posts deep down the holes. Don’t forget to make them equal to each other for enjoying the best and equal balance.

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Well, you might need the help of someone for holding the post for some time. Let the cement dry completely so that the post is attached properly into the holes.

Secure the pergola shades to the posts:

Once you observe the post to be study in nature and got fixed completely to the base, now it’s the time for installing and inserting your pergola shades to the posts. Pull the shades down for applying the tension and make them as much straight as possible. Make the use of tensioning tool for that is easily affordable and handy to use. Well, home owners can now enjoy the beauty of pergola shades with lots of advantages further.

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