How to Install New Water Lines

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Copper water lines
Copper water lines installed

Any home owner facing a situation of crawl into your kitchen cabinets for changing a water faucet and water lines can be attested for the fact that it is among the hardest things to perform in the home. Limited in your movement and cramped for space, you’ll have to reach over your head in a confined space and perform a step for loosening the water lines. You can easily loosen the water lines by loosening the corroded nuts and bolts that helps in holding the fixture on its place. And at last, it’s advisable of ensuring that nothing is leaking at all when you’re done with your process. There are many places where the need of water lines is observed like in old homes, in refrigerator and many more. Understand the concept of installing new water lines with easy by following the tips and tricks.

Tools require for performing and fixing new water lines:

  • Drip pan
  • Correct fittings
  • Tubing cutter
  • Assorted screwdrivers
  • Bits and drills
  • Tubing made up of plastic or copper
  • Open end wrenches
  • Basin wrench

Installing water lines for refrigerators:

You might have observed many of the refrigerators contain ice makers build up in them. And running a water line for this component is relatively easy to install by the home owners. Start the process by drilling an access hole in your water line. It’s advisable of checking the basement and the underneath area of your refrigerator for an available cold water line. And make sure where actually the hole should be drill for the water line to be installed.

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It’s important to perform this step, but make sure that you don not drill into the baseboard or just too far into your room. Make sure that the hole is under the refrigerator. For the DIY’s it’s advisable of pulling the refrigerator out from the wall surface. Don’t forget to sweep the stuffs off behind your refrigerator. It’s important to tap the floor surface and observe the hollow sound between the joist and the floor and identify a good place for drilling a hole.

It’s advisable of measuring off the wall at least one inch and drill the hole with a ¾ inch of drill bit. You need to stick a piece of wire or something similar to it through the hole, so you can easily find it when you’re going downstairs. Tape the end of the tubing and push enough of the tubing through the hole for making some couple of large loops at the end of the tubing. The extra pipe attached to the tube, helps in making the installation process even easier.

Start running the water lines in your refrigerator. For temporary basis, it’s advisable of running a copper tube through the holes. Coffer tubing is among the preferred part by the professionals. Start cutting the tubing in a proper length by using a tubing cutter. Smooth out the insider side of the tube. There are different types of fittings that can be simply attached to your existing copper water lines. If you’re planning of attaching it on a horizontal water line, it’s advisable of always keeping the saddle tee valve on the top most surface for avoiding corrosion and settle of rust in to the tee valve installed.

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At last turn on your saddle tee valve and check for any leakage you observe. It’s important to repair the leak at the same point for better functioning system. It’s also observed that most of the ice makers consist of plastic tubing and trust me, it’s really good for the use too. Don’t forget to install an in line filter in the ice maker for preventing problems with the refrigerator.

Installing flexible water lines:

Types of flexible water lines
Different Types of flexible water lines

Flexible lines are mainly installed in the old homes. Old homes consist of copper lines running from the shut off valve directly to its way to kitchen. The chances of this pipes eventually getting corroded is more. Generally the damage is observed near the fittings and that might cause damage to your kitchen cabinets. It might also lead in producing the growth of mold and mildew in the places. These pipes can be even moved out of the home allowing more space underneath your kitchen sink.

Start by turning off the water supply of your home. Shut off the water valve towards the faucets. You might even find some leaking areas because the water valves are usually turned off or you can simply replace or repair the water lines directly. It’s advisable of using a dip pan under the sink because it is helpful in collecting water from leaks.

Remove the old water lines from the sink by using a proper sized open ended wrench. Even, you can make the use of a handy tool, easily available from the market that helps in removing the old water lines from the faucets. Make the use of basin wrench for removing them. It helps in allowing the home owners in loosening or tightening the faucet screws and nuts. And most of the newer faucet nuts come in plastic form that can easily be shut off by using your hands.

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Start attaching the new water lines. It’s advisable of attaching the new water lines in the same way as you removed the older ones. After attaching them to the water valves, turn on the water supply and enjoy the faucets with newly attached water lines at your home.

Attaching new water lines to the toilet:

Person attaching water lines to toilet
New water lines attached to the toilet

Your old water lines generally might end up chroming the tube and the pipe lines too. It might corrode with age and lead to leakage in your plumbing lines. Start your process by turning off the valve of water supply. Flush up the toilet and tank and drain or empty up your tank totally.

Make sure to be safe while removing the old water lines. Make the use of adjustable wrench for removing the old water lines. Basin wrench is proved to be a bigger help for removing the old lines of water. Install the new water lines purchased from the market and enjoy a leak free toilet in your bathroom.

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