How to Install Carpet

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Two person installing the carpet
Carpet initialled by two person

Planning of installing wall to wall carpet on your own? Well, it’s isn’t a job that every home owner want to perform. It might sound hard and harsh for both your back and knees. And even after performing the task, you if don’t end up doing good, everyone is ready for noticing your mess made by you. But, if you’re thinking that installing carpet is a rocket since project, then let me specify, it’s not that difficult as you’re thinking. Using specialized tools, accurate materials and taking your time into consideration, the process of installing a carpet is a job that can be performed by yourself. The steps on installing carpet are stated below. Understand it and perform your best.


Steps on installing carpet:

  • Start the process by getting rid of old carpet mounted on your floors. Remove the moldings surrounding the floors and take off the door in the entrance. This will help you in removing the old carpet and installing the new carpet easily.
  • It’s advisable of vacuuming the old carpet first before you remove it. It helps in getting rid of dust in breathing. Make the use of utility knife for cutting off the carpet into strips. The carpet should be cut in 4 to 5 feet wide. Start from one corner of the room and pull the carpet off from the tackles strips and start rolling it up in different sections.
  • Even, many home owners think of reusing the underlayment of the carpet. But in most of the cases it is not in a good condition to be reused. So, it’s advisable of getting rid from it and install the new ones.
  • It’s advisable of not removing the tack steps placed on the floors. It’s a perfect time to inspect the sub floor and observe any damaging effects in the floorboards. Fasten any loosen parts of the floorboard for not squeaking or damaging the new carpet on. Make sure that the floor is neat and clean before you start attaching and installing the new carpet.
  • Make the use of screws for fixing the underlayment of the floor with accuracy. If you’re carpeting on a new floor, install new tackles strips and if you’re going on the vinyl or the hardwood floors, leave a space of at least half inch between the walls and the strips. Make sure the sharp tacks and pins are facing towards the walls.
  • At corners of the walls, make sure that the tack strips are nailed properly. And butted tightly against each other. Now, it’s the time of laying the pad down that should reach at least to the tackles strips attached to the floor.
  • Stapling the Carpet
    Person stapling the Carpet

    Don’t overlap the strips with the butt. Place it on the strips and staple them down accurately. Trim off the edges observed more on the inner side of the strips. It’s advisable of placing small amount of glue on the pads and the hardwood floor for keeping the pads intact o its place while screwing it.

  • Now, start installing the carpet on the floors. For installing the carpet, keep at least 5 to 6 inch of edges extra from the borders. It should overlap the strips placed. The carpet then can be trimmed off easily for enjoying perfect fixture of the carpet of accurate measurement.
  • For placing the carpet, measure the longest section of the room and add at least 7 inches of measurement to it. Mark up the back side of the carpet on both of the edges with the measurement taken and join both the edges together. Make the sure of sharp utility knife for cutting off the extra section of the carpet.
  • Don’t forget to cut that part from the back side of the carpet. It’s advisable of placing the piece of scrap carpet board under the cutting line for protecting the underlying carpet on the floor. If your room is wide and broad enough, you’re going to need another piece of carpet and place it following the similar process as before.
  • Measure it properly, mark it on its place and trim according to the excess. Make sure of adding extra carpet part while placing it say for 5 to 6 inches more. It will help you in placing the carpet with perfect accuracy. Layout and picture the carpet pieces in such a way that it don’t get noticeable frequently to the areas to be installed.
  • At the intersection of the carpet pieces, overlap the section on each other and mark it up for cutting. Cut off the marking on the carpet using a utility knife or a seam cutter. Cut off both the edges of the carpet and make sure the edges are altogether. Seal off the seams using a carpet roller or a rolling pin. Make sure it is exactly fixed the way you want to have.
  • Buy a knee kicker or you can rent it up for fixing the carpet on its place. Make the use of a knee kicker for fixing the carpet sturdy towards the edges on the walls. A knee kicker is a solid metal tool that is easily available in the market.
  • Tucking in the carpet
    Carpet tucked in the strips

    Its 19 inch long in length with teeth supporter that helps in gripping the carpet on an end and a heavy handed pad attached on the other side. Place the knee kicker say for 4 from the wall and drive your knee with force into the padded side of the tool. This will help in stretching the carpet on the tackles strips installed.

  • Even using a carpet stretcher is advisable. It will help in stretching up the section and all the corners of the carpet to its place and fix it firmly. Work your way around in the room for fixing the new carpet on the floor.
  • At last make the use of stair tool for tucking in any section of the carpet into the walls. That’s it, your project of installing a carpet is done. Stretch your back and check for any flaws you observe and offer last final touch up for enjoying a brand new installation of carpet at your home.
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