How To Install A Gate Lock

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
gate lock installation on fence
Installing gate lock on fence

When you build fencing in your home the purpose is to provide added security, safety and privacy to your home. However if you are concerned about the safety and security then you must have to install a gate lock in your fencing. You will definitely have agate in your fencing but you would not have thought about the gate lock. Installing a gate lock in your fencing will give added security to your home. Installing a gate lock in your on your fence will also keep your kids and animals inside your house.  By installing a gate lock, your kids and pets will be able to roam freely in your garden or backyard without you having to worry as they will go out and invite some trouble. However while installing a gate lock, you will want a lock which is flexible and is fitted in such a way that it is easy to open and close. It would be really a pain in head if your lock is not flexible and every single there is trouble when you want to open it. There are several types of gate lock designers which are available for plenty of tasks even though the most common type is the sliding model which is also known as the padlock.  Majority of the people use this lock on their fencing. However if you have installed your fencing by yourself then you would have a good amount of experience and skills. Now when you are intending to install a gate lock on your fence, you can easily do it by yourself. You just need the right step[s to help you through the process to get the desired result. Here are some of the steps to help you install a gate lock on your fence.

  • Collect all the tools and materials
Tools used for installing gate lock
Tools for gate lock installation

You would be fairly aware of this step as you would have done this already while installing your fence. This is one of the most essential steps not during the process but before the process is even started. You cannot get the desired result when you have not made the appropriate preparation. You need to gather all the supplies so that you have them nearby your hand whenever you need them. You need to get a drill and make sure it is charged properly before use and you need to get the screws of the right size. Also choose the gate lock that you want to install on your fence.

  • Mark the positions of screw

There would be two pieces of U shaped latch which should be put together in the appropriate position. Place them in a way that they can sit in when you are closing the gate. One side of the gate lock should be on the gate door and the other side must be placed on the post which is next to where the door latch is placed. Make sure that the lock is put in an even manner in the proper place. Make use of a pen or a pencil and mark the position of each of the screw and where it will go on both the door of the gate and also post of the gate.

  • Drill the holes for screws

Drilling holes for screws is an easy job but you must always consider safety measures while doing so. Make sure to put on the safety glasses while drilling holes. There are chances of getting the silvers of wood or metal in to the eyes and hence you need to put on safety glasses on your eyes.  Make use of the bit and rill out the holes in top their respective places which you have marked previously with the pencil. Line up the drills at the particular marks so that the hole is not going to leave the center when you are screwing the latch. Make sure that the drill bit that you are making use of is skinnier as compared with that of the screw. The basic objective is to make the starting the screws easier.

  • Screw your latch


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Adding screws to the gate lock
Screwing latch for gate lock

You need to fit the latch which is U shaped back into its original place. Take both of the parts of the latch apart. Line the holes on one of the sides of the latch where you have the holes on the post. Screw up this piece into this proper place. After that line up the holes of the gate piece along with the holes which are there in the gate door.

  • Try this things


It is very essential to know and ensure that a lock must be fitted appropriately before ending your project. You can check this by flipping the latch over the. Does this before you add up the padlock? If you see that the padlock is locked easily in its place then it means that the job of installing a gate lock is done successfully. If it is not locking properly then it means that the job is done properly and you will have to do it again. It is seen that installing a gate lock of this type is an easy and a very quick project. Once you are done with the project, you can easily lock the gate and go at the night time or even at the time. One of the added benefits of installing a gate lock is that your vehicles will also be safe in your home if you are not having a garage to lock your vehicle into. The most common type of gate lock is padlock but there are also other types of gate lock preferred in certain cases like electric gate lock. For having a look at the types of gate locks, you can visit the nearest hardware or home improvement store and check the types and choose which one will be more suitable.

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