How To Improve Home’s ventilation

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Improve home ventilation
Upgrade your home ventilation

Keeping the window and door of your home closed can harm the quality of your air. If air quality is not good, then it can also affect your health. Home ventilation is very essential as it affects your health. Here are some of the tips to improve your home’s ventilation without spending much of your money and also being able to keep the heat out of your home. During majority of the winter time, we keep the doors and windows closed and this affect our home’s ventilation. This can block the fresh air to come in and the dump air to go out. It causes bad smell in the home, keep the smell of smoke and cooking inside and causes the damp and mold in the home.

Benefits of good home ventilation

On an average we breathe around 12000 liters of air per day. Good ventilation ensures that the air you breathe in pollutant free and fresh. Having a properly ventilated home removes the smoke, cooking odors and carbon dioxide from the home. Proper home ventilation is very much essential if your family members are suffering from asthma or bronchitis or they are allergetic to certain things. Having appropriate home ventilation also has positive impact on your mindset and on contrary poor home ventilation leads to lack of concentration and having negative wives in the house. Proper ventilation is also very essential in the kitchen and bathroom as these are the areas in your home where there is too much heat and it can cause condensation and this condensation can lead to mold and damp. If there is any room with gas appliance then it is very important to have appropriate ventilation in that room. Lack of proper amount of oxygen can increase the level of carbon monoxide and there is chance of fire.

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Quick ways of having home ventilation

The easiest way to have sufficient home ventilation is to open windows whenever you are cooking in the kitchen or having bath in shower or you have hang your wet clothes in the room to get dry. Don’t open the door for getting your home ventilated as by doing so cool air will enter your home and your heating expense will increase to certain extent. When you are not having bath or you are cooking then you should doors of bathroom and kitchen open so that condensation issue does not prevail and home would be effectively ventilated. Make sure that during winter, you should open your windows three times in a day and while opening windows, ensure to keep your heating system off. If your windows have vents then open them up which will allow the damp air to go out and fresh air to come in. of course it will affect your heating system but not too much.

How can home’s ventilation be improved in long term?

In long term, you can install an extractor fan above the kitchen hob. Use this fan while cooking. If your kitchen is humid then use the fan whenever there prevails heat in the kitchen. Change the fan after one year. The same fan can also be installed in the bathroom for the same reasons and benefits.




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