How to Go About Replacing a Toilet Bowl Seat

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)
Toilet seat replacing process
Person installing new toilet bowl seat

Our bathrooms are the place, which needs to be clean, dry, fresh and hygienic at all times. A nice smelling and fresh, dry bathroom is something, which all homes should have. Broken bathroom tiles or toilets and sinks, leaking pipes, etc should be fixed right away, as they are not only hazardous but they also spoil the look and feel of a good bathroom. Changing your toilet seat when required is a job, which you can do yourself.

Take the measurements of your seat and write it down somewhere. When you go to the store, show the seller the measurements so that you get the perfect fit. Toilet seats come in various designs, colors and types. Choose the one, which fits and suits the look of your bathroom. In your bathroom, take off the bolt-caps of the older seat. His should be done carefully to avoid cracks. Fit in the new seat well, fix in the rubber fixtures in the correct position and seal them in. your job is done.

Are you planning of installing new toilet bowl seat in your bathroom? Here is a brief process stating how to install new toilet bowl seat in your bathroom. Come on; let’s face it, no one likes to sit on a pricked or cracked seat that might result in pinch! Here are the steps to perform and learn about how to install a new toilet bowl seat so that you can sit without any hesitation or fear.

Steps of installing a brand new toilet bowl seat:

Start the process by selecting right type of toilet bowl seat:

Choose an appropriate seat for your toilet. Take proper measurements by measuring the old toilet bowl seat and observing the bowl mounting centers where you’re fastening the screws for a sturdy look. Fasten up the bolts from the old toile bowl seat and make sure you remove it completely for replacing it with the new ones.

Take proper measurement for enjoying a better seat installation on your toilet. There are many things to consider like the spacing and the size of the mounting holes. In most of the modern toilets they are standard, but some minor difference can be noticed that depends upon the width of the toilet seat.

But, the most important thing should not be waved is to know what is the exact shape of your toilet. Is it oblong or round in shape. Generally, the round toilet bowl seats are 16 to 17 inches from the front section to the back one. Whereas on the other hand oblong toilet bowl seat is 18 to 19 inches from the front section to the back one.

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Selection of suitable toilet bowl seat:

Blue designed Toilet bowl seat
Designer Toilet bowl seat

Once you exactly know the size of your toilet bowl seat, well, you’ll need to pick the option of seat yourself. Trust me folks, there are varied number of options that might increasing your surprising view. As the toilet bowl seat sizes are fairly of the standard sizes, the chances of all of the variations are more that can be available to you as long as you’ve installed a standard toilet option in your bathroom.

Generally, there are many options available in toilet seats. There are different materials used in the construction of toilet bowl seat. Some of the common materials that are included in the list are like plastic, real wood, cushioned vinyl, molded wood and polypropylene which are used for preparing the toilet bowl seats.

It’s advisable of considering the life durability of the when you’re selecting toilet bowl seat for your toilet. Most of the manufacturing unit might mark up the expiry or the expected of the toilet bowl seat to extend. But still if you don’t find that labeled or marked on the package, you can simply remember certain things that are important for the home owners. Polypropylene and plastic are considered amongst the most durable ones when it comes for installing the seat for your toilet. They are durable in nature and tend to last for a longer period of time. And when it comes for knowing the least amongst all, cushioned vinyl is least durable and consist more chances of getting ripped.

It’s advisable of pocking out a color that is more suitable to the interiors of your bathroom. Ivory And white are among the easiest color to select for your seat as they are the most common. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to only opt for white because there are varied colors available that are ranging from green to black.

Even there are different patterns available like seashells and leaf, you can definitely opt for. Decide which things you want to have in the form of your toilet bowl seat and which things you don’t. It’s available of considering getting a slow close seat for your toilet. This type of toilet bowl seat is specially designed for keeping the lid away from slamming up to the toilet bowl. Well, they can be considered to be simple, easier and quitter lid of the seat for installing it on the toilets. Well, I can say they are safer to be used as compared to other lids.

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Now a days, you an even enjoy the beauty of luxurious toilet seats. There are many featuring effects of luxurious seats like heated surfaces, deodorizers, warm water system and air drying too. But make a note that you might need to attach this luxurious seats of toilet bowl to an electric supplier. It can only work on electric supply. So in order to use them, you need to attach it to the electric supply.

Installing toilet bowl seat:

It’s advisable of removing the old toilet bowl seat first before you head ahead for installing the new seat. Remove the old toilet bowl seat off. Prey off the plastic cover pieces that cover the mounting holes on your toilet. Once the bolts are taken off, simply lift it up from the toilet bowl and remove it off.

For opening the cover of the plastic seat, make the use of flat head screwdriver for removing it off from the surface of the toilet bowl. Now, unscrew the metal or plastic bolts which are placed for the current seat. You might also find some metal or plastic bolts on the other side of the bolts. If you observe it as in your case, you simply to hold onto the nuts on to your hands unless and until is it completely removed from the surface of the toilet bowl.

After removing the nuts and the bolts, simply you can remove the old seat installed for replacing it with the new ones. Before placing the new toilet bowl seat, it’s advisable of cleaning the area completely. The area under the hidden seat and bolts should be cleaned by using some cleaning solution perfectly suitable for the process.

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As bolts or nuts area might rarely get cleaned, it’s a good option to clean it before placing the new seat on. A bathroom cleaner or a standard toilet bowl is used for cleaning those areas. Let the solution rest for some time on its surface and rinse it off thoroughly. Make sure to clean it because you might not get another opportunity of cleaning it.

If you notice the accumulation of mold or rust, it’s advisable of using the cleaning solution which is specially designed for dealing and getting rid of such situation. It’s better to dry the area completely before you head ahead for placing the seat. Dry and clean the area thoroughly after washing the seat totally. If you’re not drying the area before you’re installing the new one, it might capture the presence of moisture. And moisture can build up underneath the nuts and the bolts and might result in causing accumulated mildew and mold.

Person installing new toilet bowl seat
New toilet bowl seat installed by a person

Now it is the perfect time for installing the new toilet seat on. Start by placing the new toilet seat on the toilet bowl and measure it properly. Secure the toilet bowl seat with the help of bolts and screws on its place. It’s advisable of replacing the plastic cover once the toilet bowl seat is kept on its place. And lastly finish the task of installing it.

If you observe any adhesive pads on the toilet seat, it’s helpful to remove the cover sheet from the pads before you place the seat in its position. Well, these pads are further used for securing the seat on its top surface of the toilet seat. You can simply wind up the new nuts and bolts via the mounting holes in your toilet seat, and also into the mounting holes observed on the toilet. Don’t forget to attach new bolts and nuts to the opposite end of each and every bolt observed on the toilet bowl. The protective plastic cover on the toilet seat simply helps in avoiding the snapping back in the place where the bolts heads are placed. Finish the last terms by following these steps by following the instructions on installing a brand new toilet bowl seat in your bathroom.

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