How to Detect Natural Gas and Propane Gas Leaks

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)
Soap spray is used for detecting Gas leak
Bubbling effects on gas pipe

Are you having any natural gas appliances fitting in your home? Knowing how to detect a natural gas leak is very important for the home owners who have installed them. As discovering and identifying any leak and fixing them immediately is the measure which is taken for safety because it can turn up to be the measure of death and life. Even there are many different types of gases that are used in the home. Even propane gas is something that is useful for boiling water and preparing food stuffs. You should know what safety measures to be used while using propane gas.

The use of propane gas is comparatively more over the electric heaters as it is easy to use and comparatively cheap for the usage. But, if the propane tanks are not used and handled with care, it would simply result in explosion. Well, it is advisable of learning the first line of safety by taking the measures of protecting yourself and the members of your family from the dangers of using propane gas.

Even there are many safety measures that can help you in going through and protecting yourself from any accidents. The first is by constantly monitoring the signs of leaking gas. This will; help you in detecting any gas leaks in your home. And second is by active checking and taking preventive measures where you can easy check the propane tanks installed and its tubing too that can help you knowing any leak. This will help you in knowing that no leak is observed prior to the installation. Even, you might have found that propane gas is odorless. But for notifying its leakage, a special type of odorant is added to the gas so that you can identify the gas leak easily in your home. Taking preventive steps while identifying the gas leak is the best job that home owners should follow.

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Here are certain ways that can help you in notifying any natural gas leak and propane gas leak easily in your home. Make sure that you’re following it for preventing any damaging issues.

Ways of detecting natural gas leak and propane gas leak:

Detecting the odor:       

Natural gas is simply odorless which is difficult to detect easily in the home. Gas supplier helps in adding scent to its tank so that you can easily detect the smell of the gas leaking. Many of the home owners think the smell is actually of rotten egg but, yes it do smell in that way. Any ways it is meant to be such for not making any mistake of detecting the smell which can affect most of the parts of your home. This scent is considered to be the first line of defense when you’re using natural gas in your home.

You can determine it by going closer to the appliances which need natural gas for its consumption. You will observe the odor to be strong enough if any leak is present. While performing these steps, it is advisable to check the pilot lights on the appliances that they are lit or not? This would also result in causing the string smell of gas that is leaking.

Many of the electrical appliances now a days don’t have pilot lit instead they consist of electric igniters. If you observe and detect that odor is coming off the gas, it is advisable of tuning off the core supply of gas to the home premise. You can also make the use of the gas appliance line and shut off the supply of natural gas. It is important to switch it off unless and until the pipe line is repaired or changed with the new one.

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Safety measures:

Safety measures by lady
Gas leak Safety measures

If you observe and smell any gas leak in your home, the first thing you need to perform is to open the windows and doors of the home. Well, make sure you don’t light any candle or cigarette in this situation because it can simply lead in burning your entire home. A minute spark from any of such things can simply lead in damaging and explosion. But, if this leak is due to the buildup of gas then only.

It is advisable of removing all the pets and family members of your home in this situation. Still, if you have any doubt about how to handle the situation, you can simply make a call to your local gas station and convey your problem ahead. Well, it is important to take this situation to be serious as a gas leak can be injurious and harmful for the home members.

Detect any bad connection:

Tightening the gas pipe
Process of Tightening the gas pipe

There are many a times we observe a bad connection of gas pipe lines to the appliances. Still, if you don’t have any of your appliances connected with the supply of natural gas pipe lines it would simply result in a matter of connection or the connection is not tight enough. You can detect the leak by taking a spray bottle and mix some amount of water and dish washing soap to it. Spray the solution on the connection to detect any leaking effects.

If you observe any bubbling effect, it simply means that there is a loose connection problem that is resulting into gas leak. You can easily deal with it by tightening the connection in the best way you can. Make the use of wrench for this purpose. Continue the process of tightening it unless and until you observe that the leak is permanently solved.

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If you still observe the leak, it is advisable of turning off the main supply of gas to the pipes line and rejoin the connection. Clean the connection well before you keep it back to its place. Make the use of plumber’s tape for perfectly securing the connection on its place.

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