How to Construct Kitchen Cabinet

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Two people constructing Kitchen Cabinet
Kitchen Cabinet constructed by two home owners

Many of the home owners consider constructing kitchen cabinets as a section of their home renovation in order to have a custom look without paying a huge price tag for the same. Modular kitchen cabinets is a great option to try but if planning for a DIY project, constructing the kitchen cabinet on your own helps in selecting the best choice according to the interiors of your home. Even without opting for a major home renovation, adding new kitchen cabinets helps in changing the overall look of your room. You can also add up the design of your kitchen cabinets by matching and mixing the different styles of cabinetry. Even, you can create different tones and colors according to the furniture installed in your home.

Kitchen cabinet construction:

Start designing your kitchen cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets are generally 25 deep allowed on the countertops with a slight lip. The structure of kitchen cabinets is generally 35 to 36 tall overall in height once the material of countertop is added to it. For calculating the exact size of the wall cabinets, it’s advisable of adding 19 to 21 heights to the countertop

Further subtract it with the height from the ceiling and you’ll get range of work on which you can construct your kitchen cabinets. Well, a standard depth of wall cabinets is 15 to 16. Most of the common sizes of kitchen cabinets are 18, 15, 20 and 21. It’s advisable of also designing the space around your kitchen cabinets about the cabinet doors when you’re opening it.

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Cut off and design the side panels of your kitchen cabinets:

Make the use of MDF for cutting off the sides of your kitchen cabinets. Well, it doesn’t matters that how the material will look because the sides are going to be hidden. It’s advisable of getting something affordable and sturdy for use. Basically the side panels would be 34 in height and 25 wide. Design the bottom front corner of the cabinets and make the use of toe-kick clamp for getting the two panels together.

After the side pieces are cut, unclamp them properly. Adjust the measurements accurately for the kitchen cabinets and skip off the toe-kick. Be careful about your toes, no toes up there, we simply home that!

Cut off the bottom panel:

Parts of kitchen Cabinet
Kitchen Cabinet’s parts

Basically, the bottom panel would be 25 deep, and the width might also change depending upon the dimensions you’re using in constructing your kitchen cabinets. The width should not be equal to the both panel sides. Well, a change in dimensions will gain need for a wall kitchen cabinet.

Cut off two pieces of 1*7 lumber as the similar width as your bottom panel. It depends upon you, you want to consider this step or not. Make sure you’re cutting the top bracket properly, according to the measurements of other panels. Cut the pieces with the same width. These brackets offer a brace to the upper section of your side panels. And if you’re planning for a wall cabinet, it’s advisable of skipping this step.

Cut off the face panels:

Assemble the sections prepared and it will depict like a picture frame that will help up in making the part of your kitchen cabinets that you’ve actually thought of. It’s advisable of using a dimensional lumber type of a wood that help in looking appealing. Well, you can also use different measurement, depending upon the look that you ant in your kitchen cabinets.

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Put all the flat faces together. Line up the flat face of a base panel with the back edge of the bottom panels. Now, make the use of the second base piece and place on both the panels. Use glue for fixing both the prices on its place and drill it by performing pilot holes. Secure the panel pieces properly on its place using butt joints and screws for a sturdy look of your kitchen cabinets.

Add up the side panels of the kitchen cabinets:

Start by attaching the side panels to the base prepared of your kitchen cabinets. Align the base panels, so that the toe-kick is helpful in notching up all the edges of the cabinets. Make the use of angles, levels and clamps for ensuring and taking accurate measurement of proper 90 degrees.

Fix up the upper braces and fit it by using glue. Fix it in such a way that the back braces faces towards the back side against the walls. Now fix up the second brace, so that the flat plane should rest against the countertop.

Nail up the panels:

Start nailing the panels installed on the back side of the kitchen cabinets. Trace up the entire outside border of the frame of the kitchen cabinets and then cut off the back panel of your plywood. Screw it up on to the place decided. Keep one thing in mind that you’ll need a thicker material if you’re planning of constructing a wall cabinet.

Well, reinforce all the connections of your kitchen cabinets. It’s a good idea of reinforcing the connections present within the cabinets. It’s advisable of using screws and corner brackets while constructing the kitchen cabinet.

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Insert the shelves in the cabinets:

Lady constructing Shelves of kitchen cabinets
Shelves constructed by a lady

Start by measuring the height of the shelves you want to install in your kitchen cabinets. And mark it on both the sides. It’s advisable of making the use of laser level for marking the marks accurately. Install four corner bracket for a shelf, it helps in providing proper rest to the shelves installed in your kitchen cabinets. Slide up the shelves in and watch out any damaging effects or problem while sliding the cabinets in.

Assemble the remaining pieces in the cabinet and place it on the right place of your use. Fix each and every corner of your constructed kitchen cabinet for enjoying the self-made construction in your home. At last paint it the color you want to. Make sure that the paint is matching and similar to that of your interiors of your home. Offer a final touch and here you go with constructed kitchen cabinets in your home.

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