How To Clean Your Hardwood Floors

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Cleaning hardwood floors
Vacuuming hardwood floors

Having hardwood flooring in home is in itself a great thing. Now when you have such good looking and such expensive flooring in your home, you must be very attentive and particular about its cleaning. When things come about cleaning your hardwood floors, you cannot simply use any cleaning solution as hardwood flooring is sensitive. If you are not careful while cleaning your hardwood floors, chances are there you might end up deteriorating or damaging your hardwood floors. Cleaning your hardwood floors can be very intimidating especially when you are not very much aware about the type of finish and the right method of cleaning it. Before cleaning your hardwood floors, you must be aware as to which finish your floors have and what things should be used for cleaning it and which things should be avoided. Make sure to take all the hardwood floor cleaning tools with you before you start the process. If you are new to cleaning your hardwood floors, here are some of the tips you can follow to clean your hardwood floors without damaging it. Time and patience is the key to cleaning your hardwood floors and with right guidance, you will get a clean and sparkling floor.

  • Know your hardwood finish

Prefinished floors are the easiest among all to spot. Here every board has little bit raised edge and hence from this you can easily make out that it is prefinished hardwood floors. If the surface of your floor is not glossy then this means that you have unfinished or stained hardwood floors. Shiny floors are considered as most difficult to make out. If you want to test the wax of your floor then moisten your floor with steel wool with extra fine and apply it on a particular area. If you find a light grey spot on the wool then it concludes that you have a wax finished hardwood floors. If you want to check whether you are having a modern of old surface seal then put some drops of water on the area which is most worn out. If you see the water is beaded after some minutes then you might be having modern seal. If the drop of water is soaked or it has make the wood dark then you might be having poorly finished seal or old seal which will need gentle handling.

  • Sweep your floor

Sweeping your hardwood floor
Hardwood floor sweeping

Sweeping is considered as the basic element of cleaning your hardwood floors. However when you are sweeping your floor, make use you are using soft bristled broom. Make a daily habit of sweeping your hardwood floors. This will remove sand and grit and any such large particles from the floor which can scratch your floor if they are caught under the mop. On a contrary, you can also try vacuuming your hardwood floors but the condition is that the bristles are extended properly to save your floor from scratching. You can vacuum your hardwood floor only when there is dust on the floor and no other debris element. Make sure you are keeping the bare floor setting on the vacuum to save your hardwood floors from scratching majority of the vacuum will be having attached bristles to kick up all the dust but this thing can work in a negative way while cleaning your hardwood floors and can damage your hardwood floors.

  • Avoid deep cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your hardwood floors, you should try to stick with sweeping and mopping the floors. Sweep ad mop your floor on regular basis. This would be enough for maintaining hardwood floors. Avoid deep cleaning the floors as it can ruin the floors if frequently done. Yes of course deep cleaning should be done but only when it is actually needed. Doing so will increase the life of your hardwood floors. Cleaning your hardwood floors and maintaining it is generally easy as there are no chances to trap dust or dirt. A normal vacuum or general sweep will be enough to cover up the mess.

  • Clean the spills immediately

Despite of the fact what type of finish your hardwood flooring have, whenever there is any spill on your floor, you should never let it sit there for long period of time. All type of spills is moisture and you should never let the moisture make its home on your floor.  No matter what you are doing, you should clean up the spills as fast as possible. Not doing so will damage the seal and it can also damage the floor on permanent basis. Or can result in costly repairs or replacement. Wipe up any spills with any damp cloth and let the surface dry totally.

  • Select appropriate cleaning solution

Selecting right type of cleaning solution
Choosing right type of cleaning solution

Choosing the right type of hardwood floor cleaning solution, while cleaning your hardwood floors is very much important. If you want to do general cleaning then go for PH neutral water based cleaning solution which is specifically designed for cleaning your hardwood floors and vinyl floors. You can choose alkaline based cleaning solution if you want to clean the grease and dirt. You can go for soap, detergent and add up baking soda for deep cleaning. This will definitely clean your hardwood floors and make it sparkling white. If there is hard water build up or any mineral deposit then you can get rid of it by choosing acidic water based cleaning solution. You can use white vinegar or lemon as good rinsing agent for cleaning your hardwood floors. Making use of specific hardwood floor cleaner is the best option among all. Avoid using ammonia, bleach and such other abrasive cleaners or any such thing which can leave residue behind it after cleaning your hardwood floors. These will not only deteriorate and damage your hardwood floors but will also end up voiding the warranty of your floors.

  • Mop the floor

Whichever cleaning agent you have chosen for cleaning your hardwood floor, mix it up with water and mop your floor with that. Use warm water for cleaning and make sure the mop is damp while cleaning. Put on the fan so that surface gets dry properly after cleaning.

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