How To Clean Your Fireplace

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Fireplace at your home
Cleaning your fireplace

A crackling fire is a real delight especially in the cold winter evenings with a cup of coffee. It’s not only a delight in the cool evenings but it is a source in fact reliable source of alternative heating options. Such nice and peaceful things can also become source of danger if not taken proper care of. The soot deposit of a fireplace can be condensed into creosote which is toxic and lethal substance and it can set your fireplace on fire. To cope up with this danger, you need to clean your fireplace. Yes of course cleaning a fireplace is messy job to do and it can even be time consuming and complex. But how much complex it is cleaning your fireplace timely is a necessity and not a choice. Cleaning your fireplace is for your own satisfaction and peace of mind that you have a safe fire place. Here are some of the ways to clean your fireplace.

  • Protect against mess

Before you start cleaning your fireplace, you must wait till the next morning after you lit up your last fire. While you are cleaning your fireplace, you must dress up in old clothes and put on a pair of gloves on your hand as you are going to touch toxic substances. If possible put on rubber household cleaning gloves while you are cleaning your fireplace otherwise sturdy rubber gloves will also do the job. While cleaning your fireplace cover your furniture, carpet and floor with damp clothes or plastic or newspaper so that they do not get dirty. Also place some of the newspaper near the fireplace wall and on the floor so whatever dust or dirt you clean are catched by this newspaper and your cleaning work is not complicated.

  • Inspect the chimney

While cleaning your fireplace and especially chimney, take a flashlight and bend on your knees and take a look in the chimney all the way along the flue. It looks like a small metal door near the top of the chimney. This flue is usually controlled by a metal pull, give a subtle yank and if it moves that means you are having a look at the flue. Keep that open until are done with the cleaning work. While cleaning your fireplace, you will see the residue of black or brown color in powdery form. If you get any crackling and dry material which is thick and has shiny and flaky layers then it is       creosote and the best time to get rid of it is just now.

  • Start scraping

Get a hard brush for cleaning your fireplace. The best type of brush which is used mostly for getting rid of soot and creosote a circular metal brush and it is special chimney cleaning brush. Pick a brush which is flexible and can go in each and every corner of your fireplace and clean all the dirt and dust from there. Also choose such a brush which can spin around properly.

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