How to Clean Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Wooden kitchen Cabinets cleaning
Cleaning a wooden kitchen Cabinet

When it comes of kitchen arena, it’s one of the most used areas in your home. Many aspects affects the kitchen arena like accumulation of dust particles, grease, and build up found due to food particles on the wooden kitchen cabinets are something to look at. It’s very difficult to remove the accumulation. So, it’s advisable of cleaning the wooden kitchen cabinets often. It is advisable using natural solutions for cleaning the wooden kitchen cabinets. Baking soda is one of an effective way of preventing the accumulation of grime and varnishes it completely off the cabinets. At the end you’ll be enjoying your wooden kitchen cabinets looking as new before.

Wooden kitchen cabinets cleaning ways:

Regular cleaning of wooden kitchen cabinets:

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Start the process by making the solution of white vinegar. Mix a cup of water with white vinegar. It is one of the best solutions if planning of cleaning it regularly. It helps in not wrapping up the wooden surface and the finish.

A little amount of soap detergent, instead of white vinegar is also another option to try with. Take a bowl add water to it and mix a teaspoon of dish washing detergent and apply it on the sponge for cleaning the wooden kitchen cabinets. It’s advisable of not using an all-purpose cleaning solution that is not suitable and harsh to the wooden kitchen cabinets. It might be able to cause discoloration or can even affect its wrapping.

Every time you cook, it’s advisable of cleaning the upper section of the cabinets. As you cook, food particles and grease cab get accumulated on its surface. Wiping off the surface of the cabinets will help you in grabbing the charm and finish of them. It helps in making them go in a good condition for a long period of time.

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Prepare the solution by using white vinegar and start the wiping process by dipping a clean cloth. Don’t forget to clean the bottom section of the wooden cabinets. It is likely to get attracted and accumulate the dust particles. Clean the underneath of the cabinets without forgetting.

There’s no need of dipping your cabinets into water because it might attract the moisture. It might be one of the causes of wrapping the wood. It’s advisable of using two cloths one for damping and another one for cleaning it totally, so that the moisture don’t get absorbed by the wooden kitchen cabinets.

There’s nothing to worry about because the smell of white vinegar will fade away as soon as the cabinets get dry. Make the use of a clean cloth for drying the kitchen cabinets. There might be chances that after cleaning it completely, it might grab certain amount of moisture on it. Trace the moisture and remove it completely from it.

It’s advisable of regularly cleaning the wooden kitchen cabinets installed in your home. Also make sure to clean the interiors because the spices and food products might make their roots of smell in it. Clean it by wiping them off regularly like once in a week.

Remove each and every thing from the cabinets and wipe it completely by sing white vinegar or baking soda. Dry it completely by using a clean towel and then put back everything back into the shelves.

If you find more of spilled food products all over the kitchen cabinets, it’s advisable of finding good containers for storing the products. You can make the use of metal or plastic jars for storing the products and it also helps in protecting your food stuffs from bugs.

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Even you can make the use of cabinet liners for cleaning the interiors. Rubber liners are well versatile in not only cleaning it but maintaining it completely. You just need to remove the liners, clean or wipe it off with a clean cloth and get it back on its place, and here you go with well-maintained wooden kitchen cabinets.

Deep cleaning process:

Kitchen cabinets cleaning
Cleaning the Kitchen cabinets

You can start the process of cleaning the wooden kitchen cabinets by using a cleaner or oil soap wood solution. This cleaning solution is designed for cleaning and removing the accumulated grease and other caked on substances without bothering the surface of your wooden cabinets.

Generally, oil soap is more powerful as compared white vinegar. So when you’re planning on giving a deep cleaning to the cabinets, it’s one of the good products on hand that you can try for. Oil soap detergent is what you’re in need of when you’re removing a whole layer of accumulated dirt and grease from the surface of the wooden kitchen cabinets.

It’s advisable of testing the solution first to an inconspicuous area on your wooden cabinets. It will help you know that the solution is beneficial and not harmful or damaging to the cabinets. If you find that the varnish turns out to white or hazy, it’s advisable not using it or applying it on the surface.

Apply the detergent or the oil soap to the cabinets. Make the use of a clean and soft cloth and apply a little amount of oil soap on it. Rub it gently in a circular motion. Please don’t press it hard on the surface because there are chances that it can absorb and get stained permanently on the wooden surface of the cabinets.

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Continuously rub it on the surface unless and until the accumulated grease gets off from the cabinets. Go back the cabinets and clean it with a clean and soft cloth. Remove the entire residue that you observe from the surface. Make sure that it is cleaned so that cleaned surface is maintained for a longer period of time.

At least apply a coat of finish on the surface of the wooden kitchen cabinets. Choose a furniture polishing or a wax that helps in increasing the charm and the original finish that you wanted to have. Decide which type of luster you want, whether it should be glossy or less shiny. Don’t forget to clean the cabinets completely before applying the polish for better results.

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