How to Clean Window Treatments

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
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Cleaning the window treatments in easier than you’re thinking! Perhaps we can say that the most tricky section of the process is top know how to clean them. Each and every type of window treatments has different fabrics used and made up of different materials. You should have the knowledge of the window treatments placed in your home. See for the manufacturer’s instructions and understand its cleaning and maintaining ticks.

Window treatments are not only for decorative purpose but it also offers home protection. It helps in protecting the furniture and the accessories installed in your home. The rays of sun can even damage the furniture and he surrounding of your home, window treatments helps in protecting them from getting damaged. But window curtain is one such option that can be easily overlooked when it comes for cleaning the home. But, there are many consequences to be faced if not cleaned and maintained properly. You might even observe accumulation of dust and dirt on the window treatments that can held you up with skin allergies and even breathing problem. For getting rid of such situation, follow the tips and ways stated for cleaning your window treatments with better ease.

Ways of cleaning window treatments:


Cleaning window blinds:

Animated image of before and after effects of window blinds
Window blinds – Before and after effects

There are different types of window blinds available. But, when it comes to cleaning them, special attention should be levied on it. Start the process by removing the accumulated dust from the blinds. Close the blinds so that it can be steady with the windows. Start the process of cleaning them by using a vacuum cleaner.

There are different attachments available in vacuuming. Make the use of handled vacuum or use the brush attachment for removing the dust. If you’re not okay by using a vacuum, you can use a soft and clean cloth or a weather duster for removing off the dust from the surface of the blinds.

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Similar follow up the procedure by closing the blinds on the opposite direction and remove the dust accumulated in the other side. As stated there are different types of blinds available. When you’re cleaning vinyl and plastic blinds, you can make the use of an all-purpose cleaner.

Spray the cleaning solution on a clean cloth or a sponge and clean each and every strip of the blinds. When you’re planning of cleaning the plastic and vinyl blinds by using a garden hose, it’s advisable of spraying the blinds in your outdoors of the home. Spray it by using a garden hose with the solution and let it be for some while. Make the use of a sponge or a clean cloth for cleaning the slats of the blinds.

If you want to clean the wooden blinds, you need to use a suitable cleaning product. Clean it by using a wooden surface cleaner easily available. Apply the solution on the cloth or sponge and wipe off each and every strap of the blinds. It’s advisable of not allowing the wooden blinds strips to be wet, it can cause wrapping to the wooden strips.

Cleaning the window curtains and drapes:

Lady cleaning the window Curtains
Window Curtains cleaned by a woman

Each and every type of drapes and curtains has different materials and fabric used. It’s advisable of revising the recommendation of manufacturer’s instructions. They are suggested in the label of your curtain and drapes. Some curtains and drapes are lined and only dry cleaning is advisable. While for some normal cleaning process in the washing machine is okay!

Do not wash the draperies and curtains that are specifically stated for dry clean. It might also damage the fabrics used in. Now, it’s the time for removing the accumulated dust from the curtain and draperies. Make the use of brush attachment in your vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming the fabric panels keeping the settings on to its lowest.

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If you observe that the fabric used is loosely woven and is delicate, it’s advisable of not placing the brush attachment of the vacuum directly on the curtains. Keep a proper distance for maintaining the beauty of your curtains or draperies without damaging them. Hold the vacuum cleaner approximately 1 or 2 inch far from the curtains.

Dust most probably gets accumulated on the bottom section of the attachments. Pay proper attention to that section for avoiding the damaging effects. You can also use baby powder for removing the stubborn and rigid stains. Apply the baby powder on a useless tooth brush and gently scrub and rub on the dirty spots.

Baby powder helps in removing the stains gently without damaging it. Now make the use of mild laundry soap by adding it in the washing machine for cleaning the drapes and curtains. If asked for specifics, it’s advisable of washing them from hands for better cleaning and not damaging them.

It’s advisable of drying the window treatments completely and then hanging them back. It will help the dirt and dust not attracted to it.

Cleaning the window shades:

Start by using the vacuum with brush and suction attachments for removing the accumulated dust. Keep the vacuum at its lowest suction. Don’t forget to have a look at the label of the window shades. Consult the care instructions stated on the label for your shades.

There is certain fabric shades that are mandate to be dry cleaned only for not causing any damaging effects to the shades. If you’re having plastic shades installed, start the cleaning process by using a clean cloth dipped into the mixture of mild detergent liquid and warm water.

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And for stubborn spots, make the use of all-purpose cleaning solution and gently scrub it. It will help in removing it completely. And when it’s the question of cotton or washable shades, you’ll need dishwashing detergent and cold water. Fill the cold water in bathtub and allow the fabric shades for resting in for 10 to 15 minutes. After taking it out, rinse the shades by using clean water and hang them for the drying process. Allow them to dry completely before hanging them back on to your windows.

And for shades made up of silk, linen or wool, dry cleaning is the best way of cleaning them.

 Window Treatments Tools

Things you’ll need Use
Feather Duster Cleaning the straps
Vacuum Cleaner Removing the dust
Soft and Clean Cloth Wipping off the dust
Sponge Wipping off the blind’s starps
All-purpose cleaner Solution used fopr cleaning
Garden Hose Pressure cleaning the blinds
Wood formulated cleaner Cleaning wooden blinds
Handled Vacuum Cleaning the upper straps of blinds
Toothbrush Spraying the baby powder for stains
Baby powder Removing rigid and stubbon stains
Dishwashing Soap Removing the stubborn stains


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