How to Clean the Glass Windows

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Lady cleaning Glass Windows
Glass Windows cleaned by a women

You don’t have to like doing it, but you can at least love the outcome of a truly good cleaning of glass window. It is believed that glass windows should be cleaned or washed twice a year. But it’s such a task that home owners try to escape from. Part of what makes washing of glass windows more chore is that home owners insist on performing it with wadded up newspapers or paper towels, spray the cleaners and using tons of elbow grease for cleaning it. All that rubbing over the glass window isn’t a good idea. You’re just moving the dirt around from one area to another and putting a static charge on the glass window that attracts more dirt and dust particles. As soon as you finish the work of cleaning your glass windows, the windows starts looking dirty again.

It is simple and easy for cleaning the glass window like a professional by using squeegee and some other readily available cleaning tools. The techniques of cleaning them are not at all complicated. The results will help you in enjoying a perfect view outside your window. I don’t know of anything that can easily transform a new face for your living space. You don’t know what is missing until you do the windows. The cleaning styles and techniques differ from the type of windows installed. Windows like multipane or picture windows are examples of different types of windows. Want to get rid of the stubborn spots on the windows? The stated ways offers a better clarity of cleaning the glass windows properly.

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Ways of cleaning glass windows:

Wash the glass window with a strip applicator:

The picture window style requires for large tools of cleaning. Because this type of window is huge in size and doesn’t opens i.e. fixed in nature. The long cloth head of a strip applicator tool helps in soaking up a lot soapy water and knocks the dirt loose without scratching the glass surface of the windows. When it comes for using a cleaning solution, weingard is used. You will need just a squirt of dish washing liquid and some warm water in a bucket. It is said, the less suds, the better the results.

Wipe the glass windows by using a squeegee:

Start from the top most left corner of the glass window, pull the squeegee over the soapy pane in a reverse S pattern. For the left handers, similar process but start from the top most right corner of the window. At the end of each and every stroke, it is advisable of wiping the squeegee’s blade and clean it with a lint free rag. Old linen napkins or cloth diapers are perfectly suitable for this type of task. The squeegee method of cleaning is most suitable for picture windows.

Dry off the remaining drips:

It is advisable of removing any water observed on the edges of the glass windows. Make the use of wrung dry chamois or any damp cloth that helps in soaking up the wetness without leaving behind any streaks of dirt. Don’t forget to dry up the window sills by using a piece of clean rag.

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Try to customize the squeegee:

For cleaning a divided lighted window or multipane windows, you will require a perfect squeegee that fits accurately in the panes. Weingard uses a hacksaw for cutting one of the sizes. It helps in trimming the metal channel 1/4th of inch narrower than the actual window pane, and then files the cut edges smooth. Now make the use of utility knife, it helps in cutting the rubber blade to the pane’s full width, and fits perfectly into the channel for projecting 1/8th inch at the end.

Scrub the multipane glass windows:

Multi pane glass window scrubbed
Scrubber used for cleaning the Multi pane windows

A hog-bristle brush or a handheld sponge is the most suitable tool used for cleaning the multipane glass windows installed. Weingard prefers natural sponge instead of artificial ones. They are more absorbent and firm as compared to synthetics. Home owners can also use the similar solution of a squirt of liquid soap in the water, rub each and every pane from right to left, bottom to the top, working the brush bristles or the sponge edges into the corners of the glass windows for loosening the accumulated dirt.

Wipe clean by using a squeegee:

When it is the question of cleaning a multipane glass window, using a squeegee is well suitable. Pull the squeegee towards down the each pane in a single stroke from the top section to the bottom. After each stroke of cleaning, it is advisable of cleaning the blade with a clean rag so it doesn’t leave streaks behind. If you find that the squeegee is squeaking a lot, add a bit more quantity of soap to the water. As stated above, remove any streaks on the glass window by using a chamois and dry the windowsills and muntins with a rag.

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Get rid of stubborn spots observed on the glass windows:

Lady cleaning the rigid spots
Spots cleaned by a women on the glass window

Over time, hard water runoff from rain falling or masonry through the metal window frames and screen leaves stubborn mineral spots and stains on the glass windows that by even by normal wash can’t erase. So after a regular cleaning process, it is advisable of using a weingard. Weingard helps in wetting the glass and gently super cleans it either with fine 000 steel wool. It works by mixing the powder and preparing a paste on a wet towel, it rubs away the stains and then squeegee and rinse the glass window twice to remove the unwanted residue. Even by applying that treatment, it is possible that the stains might come back within six months of time period.

For getting rid of the stubborn stains from the glass windows permanently, it is advisable of applying clear polymer coating on the glass surface. After cleaning and getting rid of the stains, you just need to apply the coating in with a trip applicator and squeegee it of properly. It will help you in protecting against the staining permanently.

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