How to Clean Home Walls

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Girl cleaning Home Walls
Home Walls cleaned by a girl

Over the time, home walls have the tendency of gathering and attracting all types of marks of grime and dust. You might get surprised by seeing that how much the garden area or the home interiors can look bright after giving the hoe walls a great cleaning treatment. Are you ready for cleaning your home walls? Here are certain tips and ways of cleaning them for enjoying the charm back.

Ways of cleaning your home walls:

General tips of cleaning your home walls:

Start the process of cleaning the home walls by dusting it. Make the use of vacuum cleaner or a dusting broom for following this. If you observe that the dusting brush or the broom have harsh bristle on the front, it’s advisable of tying an old t-shirt on it. It helps the walls to be maintained and protect the home walls from getting dents of scratched by the bristle.

The sharpness of the bristle can lead to damage the home walls, cover it properly so those don’t damage them. If you’re not cleaning the home walls, it’s still advisable of dusting and cleaning them regularly.

It’s especially advisable for cleaning the areas surrounding the sink, stove or anywhere else that can steam or drips can occur. In addition to that, you should always spot clean the emergent. If you let the stains to rest for a longer period of time, it might increase the chance of permanently staying their roots.

You can use sponge for removing the loose debris or grime that accumulated in the walls. And for spot cleaning the stains, make the use of solution of lavender oil mixing it well with water. Prepare a spray bottle of the solution and go for it!

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While complying or starting with the process, you should cover the carpet and the furniture installed in your home. Because it can also lead to damage and make them dirty too. Make the use of old sheets for covering them. It also includes newspaper ground sheet of painters and also the useless towels.

Start the process of cleaning the home walls from the base. Then start moving to the upper section of the walls. This will help you in avoiding dripping of solution. And for drying off the home walls, make the use of clean and dry towel. It’s advisable of wearing towel wrist bands while cleaning the walls. It will help you in preventing the water solution from running down your hands.

Make the use of two buckets when washing or cleaning off the home walls. One for rinsing off the walls and other filled up with clean water for cleaning the walls. It’s advisable of changing the rinsing water when you observe it dirty. It will help you in getting the charm and beauty of your walls.

For washable wallpaper:

Girl cleaning washable wallpaper
Washable wallpaper cleaned by a lady

If your home walls comprise of washable wallpapers, well it would be your advantage of cleaning them. It’s easy in cleaning but need to take proper steps of cleaning them. Washable wallpapers generally consist of thin vinyl coat on its surface that can be easily cleaned through damp washable cloth.

Start the process by dusting off the wallpaper. Make the use of broom or a vacuum cleaner and extract the dust particles or the loose debris from the surface. The stains should be removed before the process of cleaning. It should be cleaned because it can even damage the coat which is applied on its surface.

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For the stains through ink or crayon, you can use a liquid solvent cleaner for lifting up the stains easily. It’s easily available and you can purchase from any general store. And for stains from grease make the use of soapy and warm water. But, it is still recommended of going through the instruction manual of the company before using them.

Generally cleaning it is very easy, you can clean it through soapy warm water and a little amount of ammonia in it. Even there are different types of coating available in wallpapers. So, it’s advisable of checking that which type of washable wallpaper you have applied on your home walls for better results.

After applying the solution, now it’s the time to rinse it off from the home walls. Make the use of dampened cloth into warm water and gently clean the walls. Even soft towel is a good option to try with!

For cork home walls:

Well, it’s one of the oldest types of walls that you can observe in home will older age. Start the process by dusting off the walls carefully, taking necessary steps for maintaining it. You can easily wipe it off by using hot water. There is no need of adding any solution to it. Let it be air dried on its own.

Make sure to remove the stubborn stains that your observe on the surface of the walls. Take a bucket and add white spirit to the hot water for cleaning the stains. Dip in the cloth and start cleaning the stains. Wipe it unless and until the stains are removed from the surface. Rinse it properly by using damp cloth for better results.

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For cleaning wooden home walls:

Wooden walls cleaned by a woman
Woman cleaning the wooden walls

Cleaning the wooden walls requires better understanding and knowledge. As they are likely to get more affected to water if let it to rest on the surface. Start the process of cleaning the wooden home walls by dusting them. Dusting them is very important because it helps in removing any loosen debris of accumulated dirt on the surface.

Use a dust pan for collecting the dust or you can make the use of vacuum cleaners for cleaning it. Now Take a bucket and add some warm water to it. Use mild dish washing detergent and add it to the water. If planning for washing off the whole wall, rather you should go for taking spot cleaning into action.

This will help you in cleaning it like a professional and offer you with better performance and shine as you are in need of.

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