How to Clean and Maintain Leather Sofa

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Cleaning Leather Sofa
Person cleaning Leather Sofa

Want to make your leather sofa shining bright and beautiful as earlier? You’ll require maintaining and cleaning your leather sofa on regular basis. You might be thinking, what is the need for such process, right? But come on, we’re not going to buy a leather sofa again and again. So, why to waste our money in repairing or buying new ones, rather we can clean and maintain it. And trust me; the cleaning process is far better than heading with replacing or repairing. By adopting regular cleaning and maintaining process and using accurate products for cleaning it, you can keep your leather sofa in up to date condition. Here are the tips of cleaning leather sofa with perfect quantity of ease and fewer efforts.

Maintaining and cleaning leather sofa:

Dust the leather sofa:

Start the process of cleaning leather sofa by dusting it thoroughly. Pay proper attentions to the spaces between the sofas. Make the use of vacuum cleaner for cleaning the accumulated debris. It helps in extracting them from the leather sofa. Then use a soft and clean cloth for wiping off the surface.

This will help you in ensuring that accumulate dirt and dust won’t get accumulated anymore in your leather sofa. But there are certain safety measures to be considered while using vacuum cleaner. Be careful that you’re not scratching off the surface of the leather sofa. Sometimes the attachments used in vacuum cleaner might cause damage to your sofa too.

Careful observation when your leather sofa needs the most of cleaning:

When heading the process of cleaning your leather sofa, it’s advisable of accepting the approaching of less is more. If you observe only some grimy spots accumulated on the leather sofa, it’s advisable on concentrating only on those areas and not touching the rest of the area.

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After cleaning it, wipe the area by using a damp and clean cloth, that’s all it really needs. Even there are different types of leather sofas available. Select the cleaning solution suitable to your sofa and go for it. But follow the safety measures for not damaging your sofa more.

Cleaning big patchy areas of leather sofa:

Cleaning Patchy surface of a leather sofa
Patchy surface cleaned by using a damp cloth

For cleaning patches in your sofa, make the use of damp and clean cloth for wiping off the surface. It sounds perfect for big patches of light soiling that might be a tedious job of cleaning the leather sofa.

It’s advisable of using all-natural and mild soap not containing Sodium Laurel Sulfate or similar to that. Using harsh solution might lead for damaging the leather sofa and can also make it lead to dry. When heading ahead for spot testing, it’s advisable of checking and trying the hidden part of the sofa first. If it even gets damaged, it’s away from the views.

When wiping it by using a damp cloth, don’t rub it too hard, it might lead your leather sofa get damaged. And the dirt can even enter up deeper into the surface of the sofa. If observe anything water soluble or sticky on your leather sofa, this method is perfectly suitable of getting rid of them.

The damp cloth you’re using should be rinse often for getting a perfect cleaned surface without any remaining of stains. Also don’t forget to dry the surface of the leather sofa, wet sofa can also lead to damaging effects.

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Cleaning mildew and mold:

There are even chances of observing growing mold and mildew on the sofa. For this you should make the use of light spray on your leather sofa. But, it’s advisable of using a solution of water and vinegar for removing it.

Well, it’s better if you try to use as little amount of liquid in your leather sofa as possible. Wipe off quickly as you apply on the sofa. Water can enter deep inside the foam of your sofa. And the solution of water and vinegar works as a disinfectant that helps in killing off the accumulated mold and mildew in your sofa.

Buying leather cleaning solutions:

Leather sofa cleaned by a person
Cleaning solutions used for cleaning Leather sofa

Buying the cleaning products specially designed for cleaning the leather sofa is totally acceptable. But, using solution not designed for leather sofa can lead to strip away the natural sparkle and oils of leather, which might also increase the possibilities of crack out over the period of time.

Natural leather cleaner or good saddle soap works best for cleaning them. It contains natural beeswax and also not contains too many ingredients of solvents and petroleum jelly. It’s advisable using wax rather than using oil based cleaning solutions. It helps in not soaking the solution deeper into the sofa and helps in cleaning only the supper surface of the sofa.

It helps the leather to breathe and maintain its charm as before. But, if planning of using neat’s-foot oil as it is very much popular when it comes for cleaning the leather sofa, it’s okay for cleaning the small section but not advisable of bigger stains of the sofa.

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Test the cleaning solution before you’re purchasing it:

It’s advisable of cleaning a spot on the sofa which is not flaunting in the front. Use it on one section of the sofa before using it on the entire one. Before applying the solution, make sure that the leather surface of the sofa is completely dry. And also make a note of removing and observing any discoloration or any stains haven’t left behind because applying the solution on stains might cause damaging effects to the leather sofa.

Even make sure you’re using accurate leather sofa cleaning product. Many of them contain ingredients that can work as the solvent of discoloring the leather of the sofa. It’s advisable of suing a damp cloth for applying the solution on the sofa. It will help in rubbing the surface accurately without damaging it. Apply the solution with medium pressure so that it can remove the stains gently from the surface of your sofa. After rubbing it well, rinse it by using a clean and damp cloth for enjoying the beautiful and charming leather sofa at your home.

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