How to Clean a Wooden Deck

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Wooden deck cleaned by a lady
Lady cleaning a Wooden deck

Even though you find your wooden deck to be neat and clean and rick in look, inviting hallmark of your yard, it can be just as easily be an ugly eyesore if the wooden deck isn’t maintained properly. Home owners owning a wooden deck actually knows that it is much more inviting when it’s really maintained sparkling neat and cleaning. Well, cleaning your wooden deck will not only allow getting a fresh look, but it also helps in preserving the integrity of the wood used for making your deck. It helps in lasting your wooden deck for a longer period of time.

Well, one of the easiest ways of cleaning your wooden deck is by cleaning it regularly. Don’t forget to clean the accumulated debris on your wooden deck. Even sweeping your deck just once in a week also helps in maintaining the beauty of you wooden deck. But, it’s really important to provide a deep cleaning process thoroughly to your wooden deck. Follow the steps stated below. In addition to that, it’s advisable of treating your wooden deck or plan of resealing the wood at least for once in every year.

Wooden deck cleaning process:

Prepare your wooden deck:

Start by cleaning the surface of your deck. Clean anything that would get in the way while cleaning the surface of your wooden deck. Each and everything from the minute item to the potted plants and to the furniture on your patio should be removed gently without damaging the floor as well as the surface your wooden deck.

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And for the fragile plants and trees, lightly cover them up. The plants observed near the wooden deck should be covered properly while cleaning the deck for protecting them from the potential disturbance taking place.

Clean the wooden deck by sweeping it:

The very first task of cleaning it even doesn’t requires any tools. Simply you need to make the use of your hands. Pick up the accumulated debris observed on the deck and dispose it up into the garbage. Next thing is to grab a broom and start sweeping off the surface of your wooden deck. Sweep off the debris into the trash. Or you can even accumulate the debris at one place and seep it up altogether into the piles and then into the trash bag.

Don’t forget to remove the debris that is trapped in between the wooden deck boards. Make the use of slender tool that is available and sweep it directly into the garbage bag.

Make the use of pressure wash or a hose:

Person using Pressure wash
Pressure wash used for cleaning the deck

There are different ways of cleaning the wooden deck like make the use of garden hose for cleaning it. Make the use of a garden hose with a spray attachment for washing and rinsing off the surface of your deck. It’s advisable of using the most highest and powerful settings of the hose sprayer and aim it up directly on the heavily solid dirt spot or the muddy spot for getting rid of as much as dirt in the first trail.

Once you’ve identified the trouble spots on your wooden deck, make sure that you’re rinsing the space accurately. Start by rinsing the surface from one end and walking through cleaning it on the other end of the wooden deck. Make sure you’re covering each and every corner and the area of your deck.

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It’s advisable using a garden hose for removing the trapped debris in between of the deck’s boards. It will help you in cleaning off any remaining debris that is observed in the surface. And, if you planning of using a pressure washer, it’s important to know the actual operating system of pressure washer before you step ahead on using it on your wooden deck.

If the technique of cleaning the wooden deck is incorrect, it might cause damaging effects too. If while using the pressure washer, you hold the nozzle to closer to the wooden surface, it might leave a gouge into the wood. It’s advisable of leaving a distance of few feet while exercising pressure washer as your means of cleaning. And for enjoying the best results, it’s advisable of using a sprayer fan.

Cleaning solution for cleaning the surface:

Start by preparing the solution by mixing sudsy water with a little amount of dish washing detergent. You can also make the use of the commercial cleaners but, it’s advisable of following the exact instructions stated on the manual.

Apply the cleaning ingredient on your wooden deck and make the use of long handed broom for scrubbing the surface of the deck. Begin from one end and work across another end of the deck.

Bleach if needed:

Bleach used for cleaning the wooden deck
Person cleaning by applying bleach solution

Those areas affected by growing algae or mold and mildew should be cleaned by using bleach. Solution should be prepared for cleaning the stains or mold and mildew by mixing four parts of water with one part of bleach.

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Pour the prepared solution on the areas affected from mold and mildew. Allow the solution to rest for some time say for 5 to 10 minutes. If the growth of mold and mildew is fresh, wait for some time for the solution to react and if the mold and mildew is for a longer period of time allow the bleaching solution to rest for 15 to 20 minutes for perfect results.

Make the use of long handled brush with harsh bristle for scrubbing the surface in a better way. Rinse the area completely with clean water and allow it to totally dry. If you still observe the stains of the mildew or mold on the deck even after cleaning it, it’s advisable of repeating the process of again.

Seal the wooden deck:

Purchase a wood sealer that is helpful in sealing the shine and the gloss of your wooden deck after cleaning it. It works as a waterproofing agent that helps in protecting your wooden deck whole of the year. It’s advisable of applying the wood sealer according to the instruction stated on the manufacturer’s manual. Redecorate your wooden deck again the way you wanted to have in your home.

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