How to Clean a Window

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Animate image of lady cleaning a window
Lady cleaning a window

The job of washing and cleaning a window is a tedious task. We all hate to perfume it because of the war with dripping water, irritating streaks, Wastage of newspaper and paper towels, and dirt. But, when it comes for practically cleaning the windows, trust me, it’s very easy than expected. There are different tips and techniques that can be applied while planning of cleaning the windows. Rather I would say, it might become difficult for the home owners to identify which method is suitable for cleaning the windows. All these methods and ways are effecting and effectively working best on cleaning the windows. It’s always advisable of have a look at, how the professional perform the task of cleaning the window. After all, it’s their routine job. Understand the methods of cleaning the windows effectively and quickly. Also give proper attention to the tools and solution they use for cleaning it.

Process of cleaning a window:

Process of pre-cleaning a window:

  • Start by cleaning the stubborn stains off from the windows. The exteriors sides of the windows are exposed to attract more dirt and dust. They are also exposed to bird dropping, hard water, minerals and many elements that can increases and accumulate the cake of grime and dirt. Well, the sated tips will help in removing the stubborn dirt marks from the inner as well as the outer sides of the windows.
  1. Spray used for cleaning the windows
    Windows cleaned by using a Sprayer

    For cleaning a window, make the use mineral deposit cleaning remover like CLR. Take a sponge, damp it a little bit and rub it on the stains observed on the widow glasses. Let it rest for some while and rinse it properly with water.

  2. Make the use of oxalic acid such as Bar Keepers Friend or Zud. Take a bowl, add water to it and the cleaning product and prepare a paste out of it. Make the use of clean cloth or sponge and apply a little amount of paste on it. Rub it on the stains, rinse it properly and go for regular cleaning.
  3. You can also use vinegar in the form of spraying agent for cleaning the stubborn stains. Spray it on the affected areas of the windows and let it rest for some while. Rinse it accurately and properly by water and treat as original.
  • If you’ve attested any decals or stickers on the windows, remove it immediately because it might be one of the reasons of the need of cleaning a window. Whether it is attached by the children who are fond of attaching decals or stickers on the windows, removing any such substances from the window glass is pretty much difficult.
  • You don’t need to worry about, because all you need is a spray bottle filled with water and a good and mild edge scrapper. Start the process by spraying the water ion the stickers and let it rest for some while. Now make the use of scrapper by holding it at 45 degree against the windows and also applying gentle amount of pressure.
  • Start from the bottom surface of the sticker and work upwards. After removing it properly, make the use of towel for cleaning it totally. For cleaning the glass screen of the window, you need to be prepared with many things.
  • For cleaning the window inside and outside glass, it’s very important for cleaning the screen every time. It’s advisable of cleaning it at least for thrice in a year. Remove the screens installed in the windows and gently vacuum it for attracting the dirt and dust from the frames.
  • Make the use of sponge or clean cloth, clean the surface by using the cloth damped with warm water added to little amount of dish washing detergent and vinegar. It’s advisable of allowing the screen to be fully air dry before replacing them with others.
  • Try to rinse and cleaning the accumulated dirt from the outer side of the windows. The exteriors sides of the windows are highly in contact with dirt and dust particles. Start the process of cleaning by using a garden hose. It helps in cleaning the top layer of accumulated grime on the window glass. You can also use vacuum cleaner for extracting the dust particles from the window frames and sills.

Cleaning the exteriors and interiors of the window:

  • For cleaning the interiors as well as the exteriors of the windows, you need to gather important tools and materials that are going to be used. Here are few things to be performed by the home owners while cleaning the window:

Rag or clean cloth

Bucket and cleaning solution with water

Brush or Sponge

Huge sized towels for protecting the interiors of the window

Rubber Squeegee

  • Animate image of Cleaning tips by a man
    Cleaning tips suggested by a man

    Start preparing the cleaning solution for cleaning your windows. For easy cleaning process, make the use of dish washing detergent, vinegar and water mixture. It’s one of the basic cleaning solutions for windows.

  • Make the use of a spray bottle and some newspaper for cleaning the surface of the window. It helps in making it neat and clean. Prepare the mixture like Take a bucket, mix two to three gallons of water and add a little amount of dish washing detergent. You can also make the use of cleaning solution with equal parts of water and white vinegar.
  • If having large sized windows, make the use of squeegee and for small sized windows, sponge and cloth works best. Dip the cloth or sponge into the bucket of solution and start cleaning the windows.
  • Let it rest for some time and rinse it properly by using water. Once you clean it by using water, make sure it is dried properly for not observing any streaks or stains of sponge. Make the use of rubber blades for gently drying off the windows. You can also use a lint free cloth at every stroke which you use for cleaning. Wipe off the excessive water from the surface of the window. And here you go with a neat and clean window for your home.

Window Cleaning Tools

Tools Price Uses Materials
Karcher WV2Vacuum cleaner £48 Semi-detached windows Sponge and cloths
Wax Window Cleaning product £37 Cleaning the window pane Trigger spray
Window Trigger Spray Mop £30 Cleaning higher windows Extendable mop
OXO Wiper Blade Squeegee £9 Window glass cleaning Car wiper blade
Glass Poslishing Cloth E Cloth £3 Cleaning the surface of window Cloth
Swan 2 In 1 Window Vacuum £40 Cleaning car glass, and home windows Vacuum
Steam Cleaner H2O HD £100 Its easily removable while cleaning window Smaller handled shoulders


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