How to Care For Your Painted Walls

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Ways of Caring for painted walls
Girl Caring for painted walls

It might have happened with you plenty of times that you clean your walls but still you behind an ugly patch on the paint of the wall. After this you might be wondering what wrong have you done to leave that ugly spot behind which is clearly visible. Caring for your painted walls is not as easy job as you think. You need to put some efforts to care for your painted walls and make it look good and stain free. If you really want to take care for your painted walls, then don’t let the stain remain for a long time on your wall, take the action of cleaning it as soon as possible. Don’t get too hard on your walls and rub it hardly to remove the stain if you actually care for your painted walls.

How to clean your painted walls

While coming to cleaning, you should take a sponge or a rag or a paper towel and rub the stain on your wall softly with clear water. If this idea doesn’t work out then mix the water with dishwashing liquid and keep it milder and rub it on the stain of the wall. If still stain is as it is then next step to be taken is directly applying drops of soap on the sponge or wall. If you are not too careless then while reaching this level your stain must have been vanished. But if you have been negligent while caring for your painted walls, then now you should apply soap directly on the stain. If the stain is even more stubborn then you should finally apply formula 409 or fantastik. These kind of stuff are really strong so if you actually care for your painted walls make sure to not to leave them on the wall for longer period of time. After applying this solution, clean it up with clean water.

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Different kind of stain needs different treatment

Caring for your painted walls is not that simple and easy, you need to understand the type of stains and the take actions upon them. Usually there are two kinds of stains waterborne stains and oil stains. Waterborne stains are easy to remove they can be removed just by the wet clothes. The stains of wine, ketch up and smashed mosquitoes are waterborne stains. While the stains of cooking, grease, lipstick, shoe polish and crayon are oil based paint. For removing them you need to use mild dishwashing soap method.

How to remove permanent markers

The thing which makes these markers stains permanent is same which makes the paint permanent. So if you care for your painted walls then you must remove this permanent type of stain as soon as you see it so it would be easier to remove it. Once it gets permanent it will be tough to remove it or else it will harm the paint. You can try dishwashing liquid or go for the harsh treatments like comet or sponge with an abrasive side.





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