How to care for Wall Fountain

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)
Wall Fountain at home
Installation of wall fountain at home

A wall fountain is always one of the most unique decorative add on in your home but you must take proper steps to care for it. The post below provides some instructions on how to care for a wall mounted fountain.

The first tip here is to go for a thorough clean up of the fountain after every 3-4 months. Drain out the entire fountain water pre-cleanup and once the whole water is removed, wipe out the water reservoir with mild soap and rag. Use toothbrush to reach up to the smaller areas. Post clean-up, rinse the wall fountain completely.

Water and sunlight together make the ideal breeding space for algae. Hence, you have to add on hydrogen peroxide and vinegar with the fountain water to prevent algae growth. During the winter months, the water inside the fountain can expand and crack down the structure. Thus, as the temperature starts to drop, drain out all the water from the fountain and remove your pump as well.

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