How To Build Butterfly Roof

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Tips to build butterfly roof
Building butterfly roof

Butterfly roof is also known as inverted roof. Butterfly roof are very easy to recognize because of its unique design. It has a design where the outer walls are really high and they are set in the middle. These are very unique but still they are very much popular. Butterfly roof allows the home with open floor plans and you can also have large family rooms and living room. However if you are really interested in installing butterfly roof in your home, you must learn the process of installation. However building butterfly roof is not that difficult and you can try it yourself also. However if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, you are always open with the option of hiring the professional and getting the job of building butterfly roof done. However to make you aware what you have to do, here is an easy and simple process of building butterfly roof. You can have a look at the process and then decide whether you can do it yourself or not. Even if you are doing it, knowing the process will help you what things you want your professional to do and how. Even being aware of the process of building butterfly roof will help you to bargain with the professional regarding tools and materials and you will not be cheated as you are aware as to what should be done and how. First of all let us discuss about the things and tools you are going to need while building butterfly roof.

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Tools For Butterfly Roof

Drip edge
Exterior plywood
Prefab butterfly roof truss
Asphalt shingles
Metal flashing
Rafter ties
GA nails
Tar paper
Fasterners for metal materials
Tape measure
Claw hammer
Canvas nail belt
Framing hammer
Combination square
Nail puller
Carpentry level
Chalk line
Saw horses
Felt tipped pencils and pens
Hand saw
Plumb bob
Finish hammer
nail gun
Staple gun
Tin snip
Nail set
Caulking gun

Steps to build butterfly roof

  • Take measurement of trusses

Take measurement of trusses
Measuring trusses of butterfly roof

While building butterfly roof, you must refer to your homes blueprints. You can get the exact measurement from the blueprint. However for safer side, you should also take the physical measurement of your house to make sure that the measurement are in sync with the blue print. You will need to take the measurement before even you start to build butterfly roof. Accurate measurement is very much necessary before you built your roof trusses. Start taking measurements before few weeks of trusses getting ready. This is avoiding many mistakes an regrets at end.

  • Order the trusses

Trusses must be taken from some reliable truss making company. Give your homes measurement to that company and get the trusses. You will also have a need of slope, length of the rafter, size of rafters spacing for getting the trusses and joists built.

  • Frame your roof

Take your blue prints as guidelines and focus on its specifications and start attaching the rafters on the top plates of your wall. While placing the rafters, make sure that they are aligned in even manner and make sure to use the level always and also plumb bob during rafter’s installation.

  • Attach the plywood

Start to lay the plywood at the bottom part of your roof and start working towards up. Make use of a hammer or nails or you can also use nail gun for nailing the plywood to the frame of your roof. While installing plywood start with one side of your roof at one time and then cut the plywood for proper fitting where it meets up in the exact middle part of the roof. Try to fit the center part of the piece of plywood tight with each other.  After that, make application of cracks and seams.

  • Laying down felt tar paper

Before to start to lay the felt tar paper, ensure that the weather is dry. Start from the bottom part of the roof and make your way upward when you roll the felt paper out. Make sure that you are overlapping the paper minimum 5 to 7 inches while you are rolling out the felt paper. For securing the paper with plywood, you can make use of felt tacks.

  • Application of shingles to roof

Shingle installation on butterfly roof
Installing shingles on butterfly roof

Start from the lower edge of the roof and then initiate to lay the shingles. Use one or two nails on each of the sides of shingle and keep working till you finish the first row. After that go to the starting of the row and initiate laying off another layer. Let the shingles overlap by one or two inches when you are making a new row. When you are done with layment of shingles up your roof, you can continue with the corners and lay the shingles there. Make use of just a single layer of shingles in the corners and work the way on the top of the roof.

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Here the process of building butterfly roof ends. After seeing the process, now you can easily make out whether it is easy or not and whether you can go for doing it yourself or you need to hire a professional. While you are building your butterfly roof, make sure you also attach the gutter side by side. Cleaning your butterfly roof without any gutter would be such a pain in head and hence consider installing the gutters when you are building butterfly roof. Butterfly roof has such shape that there are high chances of water collection which can damage your roof if proper system is not installed for its removal. By adding the gutters, you will control over where the water is going to drain and which part of the home is going to get the major runoff. Make sure you keep the exit of water away from the foundation of your home to protect it.


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