How to build a pole barn

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)
Constructed pole barn for home
Pole barn installation at home

Pole barns are similar to a pair of blue jeans. These barns are built to live a long life and can also be decorated the way you want it. If by any chance, you have ever been to an area of horse riding or a storage facility you will be familiar with a pole barn. To build a pole burn you must know the basic structure. It is nothing but a structure that is supported by poles that are set in the ground with a platform of cement providing anchor to the structure.

The roof is supported by the poles and you may or may not add walls to the structure. There is no need to give a foundation or finished floors. You can build a pole barn of any size. The frame should be horizontal and must ensure a structure that is reliable and sturdy. The barns and the posts are made from wool but you may use metal if you please.


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