Home Insurance: Things to know, Benefits and Purpose

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
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Home Insurance tips and benefits

Your home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. It properly makes a sense of protecting it, isn’t it? But many questions will come across like how much home insurance you are going to need? What amount should be assumed? What amount of rates to be applicable? And what things are covered under the home insurance? Home insurance might seem difficult to understand at first bit by acquiring the basic knowledge of home insurance, it will drove your boat. It will lead you in taking right decision for protecting your family and your home.

Whether you have just starting exploring a new home or already having a home, one of the most important factors should not be neglected is home insurance. Home insurance typically depends upon the home location, its age and the coverage level. not only this, but other important facts should be considered while opting a home insurance. You will have to pay attention on these variables to figure out what kind of home insurance is suitable for your home structure. No doubt buying a home can be an overwhelming process that seems to be easy for the first timers. And the thought for option a home insurance is minimal because you have way more things to look for.

Yet, if something happens to your home? Home insurance works best for dealing with the situation. Before signing the dotted lines in the home insurance contract papers, it is advisable of reading the clause and things mentioned. You should be aware, which things are covered under the insurance plan taken by your for your home. Price isn’t the only factor to be considered while buying a new home insurance. There are many important areas should be covered at different levels that might be important to you and your home. Know the important things to be covered before you run towards a home insurance. Preparing a checklist is a better option to ideally remember the things to look out.

Things to consider before buying a home insurance

Why you need home insurance:

The need of home insurance arises to protect your home and the personal property. For the home owners who rent their home needs home insurance for protecting their furniture, valuable things and other personal stuffs. Remember, everyone needs protection against the liability. Say for example the vehicles are needed to be insured for any uncertain accident of injury to the third party. Even damaging effects are also included in the insurance policy.

The contents of the home are protected with the help of home insurance. It provides better security. Home stuffs like the property where the home is constructed, furniture settled and valuation are some examples. Proper valuation of your home is required while buying a home insurance.

How much home insurance coverage you will need:

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Home insurance Coverage policy

Whenever the disaster strikes, the better your home insurance coverage, the less you will have to pay from your own pockets. Many a times it is observed that the lenders decide that how much home insurance coverage you will need. It helps to guide you. It might require buying the policy that covers at least the amount equal to mortgage.

It is important to note, the amount decided to buy for the home insurance including the coverage of home, property and content of your home and personal property will affect the price you have to pay while buying a home insurance. Decide and quote the coverage according to the actual price of your home.

Start comparing deductible:

Deductible is the amount you have to pay out of your pockets while facing any uncertain situation or accident. The home insurance is applicable only to your personal property and home. it is advisable of paying for a home insurance policy that you are comfortable of paying. Make sure that it is easily deductible while facing any accident claim from your pockets.

For better understanding, a policy containing 100$ deductible will charge more up to 250$ deductible that cannot be easily afforded by the home owners. Opting for higher deductible is beneficial for the home owners because it will be available at a reduced rate or price.

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Determine actual cost or replacement cost value:

Home owners are equipped with the option of securing their home and belongings for either actual cost or replacement cost value. Actual cost value is the amount it would take after replace or repair the damages of your home after the depreciation. Whereas replacement cost value is the amount takes place while repairing the damages and rebuilding or replacing your home. The materials are replaced considering the similar quality and quantity.

Replacement cost is valued without deducting depreciation. It is advisable of insuring at least 80 percentage of replacement value of your home.

Shop your surrounding before you buy home insurance:

Home owners are not liable to follow the instructions suggested by the lenders. You are not required to purchase the home insurance recommended by your lender company. There are many unbiased sources that offers varied options. It helps in finding the difference between the insurer’s charges and a retailer. There are two pricing for identical services and products.

It includes the state insurance department, the public library and some consumer publications. Not opting for lender’s recommendation is a better option. While buying a home insurance, charges are different as compared to the retail or the private company.

Asking for discounts to your agent:

Don’t hesitate about asking for discount while buying a home insurance. in some of the states, lower price is offered by the insurer for certain things like insuring your car or your home with the identical company. Installing alarm system, replacing the roof or installing deadbolt locks are added to the list of discounts offered by the insurer.

Availabilities of basic coverage:

Different packages of home insurance are offered by the insurance companies. Whether you have your own home or on rent, home insurance offers beneficial criteria to protect your belongings and home. each and every home insurance package offers protection towards specified number of events that causes damage to your property.

Some examples are: theft, fire and windstorm. In addition to that, each home insurance packages contains additional coverage: additional living expenditure, property damages, medical fees and payment and personal liabilities. Grab the importance and consider the factors beneficial for your home while buying a home insurance.

Where to buy a home insurance:

Home insurance shopping
Buying Home insurance

Where to shop? Confused about where to start the search of a suitable home insurance for your home? check out the yellow pages of the telephone directory for gathering the information of service renderer or the agents nearby your area or take the help of a newspaper. In addition to your search, ask for the recommendation of friends, neighbors and relatives on agents and home insurance companies.

Remember to explore your scope and shop around for getting the best services and price of home insurance suitable for your home. Don’t limit your scope, open the space to grab the best service for your home.


Verify your home insurance policy:

You should know that a home insurance policy is a legal contract. It is formulated so that the terms of insurance company and your responsibilities and rights are stated clearly. Whenever you are buying a new home insurance, a policy is attached to it. Proofing reading that policy is mandate for making proper understanding of the stated contents.

Knowing the name of your insurer is very important. Maintain and preserve the policy in a safe place, that is helpful to you in future uncertainty.

Review the home insurance need every year:

Sit back and check with your insurance agent once in a year. It will offer the information that the policy is offering adequate amount of coverage. Factors like addition of a room, remodeling valuation, or new insulation to your home, shows up an impact on the home insurance policy. Therefore, it might increase the replacement cost of your home insurance policy.

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Home insurance benefits:

Image indicating Home insurance benefits
Benefits of Home insurance

Home insurance is must for any family owning their own house or rented. Safety of the home and the family members is must. Home is one of the biggest investment, how to let it damaged, right? Not only home, but rented apartments are also required to be insured. Home insurance is typically required by any mortgage lender.

Home insurance policy protects the home owner’s finance from any burden of repurchasing and rebuilding property after the occurrence of costly damage. Renter’s insurance is similar to the home insurance, but it contains special provisions for real home owners, who are liable to handle the entire rebuilding details after the damage. The stated benefits of home insurance offers a varied options of reimbursing and saving your pockets.

  • Financial protection

Buying a home insurance policy offers you a peace of mind by insuring against the possibility of damage and devastating financial loss. The role of home insurance is to provide help while facing any uncertain or uncontrollable damage that occurs to your home.

The replacement or repair cost often takes over the original costing of your home. It outweighs the original cost of the home. it is known by significant margin and creating a financial burden that few families are ready to shoulder up.

Home insurance offers a way to provide the money to the home owners for replacing any loss on personal property. It offers the financial help to get back on your feet and rebuild the home in the case of any disaster.

  • Timely recovery

Home insurance offers a payout that allows families to go through the rebuilding process as fast as possible. It helps them to move on and get back to their normal lives quickly. Home insurance helps the home owners to repurchase the lost property and opportunity to repair the homes as soon as possible.

Quick recovery of means not only saves time and money but it also benefits the home owners with psychological health. It helps in reducing the stress and feeling of loss or damage to the personal property.

  • Unique provisions

Want to act above or go beyond the normal coverage of home insurance? A distinctive advantage of home insurance policy serves the ability to include unique and extra provision. Although it offers unique provisions but it also increases the insurance premium to be paid. Home insurance is helpful in protecting the home owners from certain situations and also covers the expensive artwork or jewelry criteria.

Option of buying extra provision for thawing and freezing pipes can also be added in your home insurance policy. Example: if you live in areas having severe winter climate.

  • Common provisions:

Home insurance policy covers varied range of causes of the damage. It also includes fire, theft, natural calamity or vandalism to cover your personal property. Factors that are generally covered in the home insurance policy covers the damage to the interiors as well as the home exteriors. It also covers the damage of personal property, interiors and the exteriors of the home.

Purpose of buying home insurance policy:

Home insurance Policy
Form of Home insurance policy

Home insurance is the common a common type of expenditure associated with owning of a home. but do all the home owners have the idea about which things are covered in their home insurance? More important to that, many home owners don’t even know the limitations of the policy taken. And many times find them without the coverage they thought they might have had when they are in need of it.

Knowing the actual purpose of buying home insurance, what it covers and what not? can offer more clarity and helps you making important decision about protecting your personal property by cutting unnecessary expenses.


The core purpose of home insurance is to offer you the protection in the case of damage to your personal property and home. Generally a home insurance policy includes protection towards both the personal property as well as the home.

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It also offers protection towards things stored in your home. Any item within your personal property or home is also included in the coverage of home insurance. While facing an event of theft or damage, you are reimbursed for the cost of replacement or repairs. It also covers the time you spend away from your home while the repair is being done.


Home insurance offers the protection towards liability coverage for your personal property too. the home insurance policy likely covers the costs associated with accidents on your home or personal property. It also includes a medical treatment if any visitor is bitten by your dog or falls on your steps.

Home insurance also offers the coverage against the damage cause by your personal property. Damages like tree falling in your yard losing the limb that falls by damaging your neighbor’s home and property. The amount of liability coverage depends upon the home insurance policy taken. The policy decides what to cover and what amount is liable to be paid.


There are set of basic insurance components that are covered in a home insurance policy. They are commonly known by HO-3 home insurance policy. Basically HO-3 insurance offers a protection from weather phenomenon like wind, ice, lighting, snow, smoke, explosion protection and fire zones.

As long as your home is not empty and remains occupied for more than 30 days or even for longer time, you are also offered with the protection against vandalism and theft. Personal and structural property is insured against the damaging effects observed by falling of a tree and objects similar to it.

The internal plumbing system, and heating system are also considered for the damaging effects that is included in the home insurance coverage.

Policy riders:

One of the best options of home insurance helpful for the home owners is policy rider. You can purchase an add-on coverage policy known to be “riders”. It offers additional protection to the home or personal property that isn’t offered by the core home insurance policy.

Most of the common type of riders includes earthquake insurance, flood insurance, and insurance for personal property or home that are still under construction. If you are planning for moving a part of your home structure into home office, the need of rider is mandate. Riders will assist you in offering protection to of your business equipment and that section of your home which is exclusively used for business purpose.


Exclusions of home insurance
Home insurance’s Exclusions

Remember, not all the natural disaster or floods accidents are covered in a home insurance policy. Generally earthquakes and floods are excluded from any home insurance cover. Similarly acts of war and nuclear accidents are also not covered under the policy. Damage effects due to vehicles are also not covered because vehicles generally have their own insurance cover.

The sewer system that throw backs the water are excluded from the home insurance policy. Damaging effects beneath the land of your home is typically avoided and excluded from the coverage. Weather damage to the installed wooden fences and patios are typically not included in the insurance cover.

Observed any theft from construction is not covered under any home insurance policy. Whereas, damage cause by the frozen pipes are generally excluded from the list of coverage. If you have rented you home, no personal property of renters is liable under your home insurance policy or clause.

In most of the situation, home owners are not bind by the law to purchase a home insurance. But its features work beneficial for the home owners. Buying it needs proper care like maintaining the policy, stating its important features and checking every year about its terms and clauses covered. Buying a home insurance policy is an investment for your future uncertainties.

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