Have you heard of floating staircases?

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)
Concept of floating staircases
Floating staircases at home

If you have a thing for modern and good looking home décor ideas then you have surely have heard about floating staircases. Floating staircases are those kinds of staircases that have the minimum support structure required. This means that most of these staircases are usually just planks of wood, or marble or any other substance strong enough to support the weight of humans without having much support.

The best thing about floating staircases is that they give an amazing feel and look to your home décor. Since they usually come without railings and the usual support structure, they appear to be more open, less space consuming and give your house that uber modern look and feel.

However make sure that you have sturdy feet and a strong sense of balance before opting for floating staircases. Even though the absence of railings give them that awesome feel, they can be very dangerous if you are to loose your balance while climbing up or down.

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