Hang your Cabinets above the Island

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Advice on Hanging your Cabinets above Island in Kitchen
hanging cabinets in kitchen

Attach the cabinets that are installed above an island to the ceiling with the help of simple tools.


1. Locate the studs in the ceiling by sliding the stud finder across the ceiling. Make a mark on the ceiling with a pencil when the stud finder lights up.

2. Secure the cabinet into position. A level is placed onto the bottom and sides of the cabinet. Wood shims are placed between the cabinet and the ceiling for leveling.

3. The cabinet is screwed to the ceiling by placing 3 -inch grabber screws through the top of the cabinet and into the ceiling using a power drill.

4. Fix the cabinet next to the previously installed cabinet. You should screw the two cabinets together using 1 1/4-inch grabber screws and a power drill. The fronts should be flush before fastening the two cabinets together.

5. Cabinet is to be fastened to the ceiling in the same manner as the first.

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