Footing considerations to remember

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Noting of Footings for construction
Construction tips of assuming the exact footings

One of the most primary factors to consider when evaluating the depth of your diggings and location of any footing is its bonding with the buildings and other structures. There should be no structures or obstructions within the footing’s angle of repose. The soil directly below the footing helps to measure the angle of repose. This is meant for all existing and new buildings.

Footings are needed in several locations especially beneath every load bearing elements including pilasters, column, masonry fireplaces and walls. It is always to be kept in mind that the structural integrity must be improved regarding the footing. Another point to be considered is that the size of the footing varies with the size of the building or structure to be constructed and it also depends on the quality of the soil. These are some of the important footing considerations to remember when you decide to construct a building.

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