Fire exit in homes and offices

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)
Fire exit in homes
Way of fire exit in homes

Fire exit is an absolute necessity not only in any commercial premises but in personal houses as well. In case of a sudden fire situation, if you cannot escape from the main exit, the fire exit is the only option that you are left with be it your house or your office. Below are some facts about fire exit implementation that you must keep in mind while fire proofing your office or home.


Even though most houses do not install one, special doors for fire exit are mandatory in offices and commercial sectors. And going by their benefits, all personal houses should have these too. Depending on your budget and space, there are multiple kinds of fire exit doors that you will find in the market. Though a number of materials can be used to make fire exit doors, but the most effective one is steel.

Steel doors are inexpensive, and can be easily installed on both double and single door designs. These doors have hidden magnet locks that are used to fit them, and also provide automatic locking which ensures greater security. A common type of exit steel doors used is the Louvre door. These guarantee extreme safety against fire and also provide necessary ventilation and security.


A fire escape ladder is another alternative technique of fire proofing your office or house. If you own a duplex, or have an office which exceeds the ground floor, fire escape ladders are the best option. If you think ladders work only in the case of buildings and not houses, think again. What if the fire starts in your house stair? What if you seriously injure yourself trying to jump out of the window? Prevention is better than cure, hence you should install ladders to ensure safety.

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Make sure that the width and length of the ladder works with your house or office building. In case of an office, ensure that your ladder can accommodate a large number of people. Careful consider these factors, install the ladders and be ensured about safety.

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