Facts About Modular Homes

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Modular homes and its facts
Facts of modular homes

What are modular homes?

Modular homes are such homes which are built inside a factory or any such setting like factory. In short modular homes are not built on sites. All the parts of modular homes are built inside a factory and after all the parts are built they are brought on the site and they are assembled. Parts of such types of homes prepared somewhere else then they are transported to the actual place where they home should be built and there it is to be assembled by the builder. It is just like a mobile home which is built off site as opposed to on site building. Such types of homes are usually called as system built up homes or prefabricated homes or factory built up homes.

Many people has a preconceived notion that modular homes and manufactured homes are same but it is not so there is a lot more difference between modular homes and manufactured homes. Manufactured homes are regarded as mobile homes as they can be moved from one location to another but there are many specific laws and regulation for these homes which is not so in case of modular homes.

What is difference between modular homes and homes built on site?

As we know the fact that modular homes are built in doors and hence it is just the work of certain weeks. While homes built on sites take few months for completion. Modular homes have not to come across the delays which are caused by the weather conditions which are usually seen in case of onsite homes. Modular homes have to deal with certain building codes, guidelines and specific rules which are not in the case in traditional on site homes. While you are making modular homes you have to spare time and have to shop around as all companies making factory build up are not the same. You can find plethora of differences in case of price, quality and service. It is a difficult or rather say a crucial thing to do research in case of buying a home and comparing prices and quality. Thus it is bit of a head ache to do research in case of modular homes.

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Facts of modular homes

  • There is appraisal in case of modular homes. Whenever any part of the modular home increases, the price of the home on a while increases. There is no depreciation in the value of the modular homes.
  • There is a possibility of modular homes getting customized.
  • You can get variety of styles and sizes if you are opting for modular homes.
  • Modular concept can also be used in commercial things like building of offices.
  • Modular homes are considered as permanent structure just like the real property.
  • Modular homes are such which can also be built on basement and crawlspace.
  • Modular homes are also considered as a form of green building and hence for modular homes is kind of eco-friendly.
  • Modular homes are much speedy to build as compared to onsite homes.
  • The rate and chances of home loans are same as the site built homes.
  • Insurance premium and its rate are also similar of site built home and modular home.
  • The rate of taxation is also same of modular home when compared with the site built home.
  • Modular homes are built in such a way that it can withstand 175 mph of wind pressure.

Do all modular homes look similar?

This is a very popular misconception that all the types of modular homes look alike. There is no limitation in case of designing of modular homes. You have an option of creating any type of modular home you want. There is no limitation at all. Any design or any pattern or any style can be implemented in modular homes. Whether you want a Mediterranean home or colonial home or traditional central hall home anything can be possible in modular homes. You can install any type of window or any architectural pattern or detain or design you want in your home in case of modular homes. Nearly any kind of plans can be applied in modular homes this means you have your dream house in the form of modular home.

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How is modular homes assembled?

Modular homes are built up in parts or sections and these are built in an area which is climate controlled. The finished parts of the modular home are transferred to the actual site and then it is assembled over there by using crane. This process can give you resemblance a child building a Lego block. Modular homes are movable but only till the time it is places on its foundation. Once it is placed on its foundation it cannot be moved. If you are thinking of designing modular homes then it is very essential to ask specific questions to your manufacturer. It is a safer option as there are various differences in the work pattern and system of each and every manufacturer. Modular homes have many features which are personalized and you have to participate in the working and tell your choice and the installation you want in your home. This choice includes types of floor, exterior finishes, plumbing, cabinet styles and such other features. You need to customize your home with your likes and dislikes.

Are modular homes more costly as compared to site built home?

This is such a question which is mind of each and every person wanting to go for prefab homes. Actually modular homes are such which can save you some of the bucks as compared to homes built on the site. The reason behind then being less expensive is that they are built up in factory and they are built in far less time as there are no delays due to weather. Apart from this all the inspections needed to be done on home are already completed in the factory itself and they are transported on the site after that only.

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