Energy-Saving Appliances for Green Home

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)
Energy-Saving Appliances
Energy saving appliances for greener homes

The new mantra today is ‘Go Green’ as Nature cannot withstand any more torture by humans. Everyone should do their part in combating the menace of global warming by using energy saving appliances at home. People are going or green home and opting for energy efficient devices and vehicles. Here is a look at some devices that you can use to help save Earth.
Solar appliances like solar cooker and heater can be used during the day and in places where ample amount of solar energy is available. Solar cells and solar panels are also a great option to save energy and can be installed at the terrace to generate energy or various purposes.

Replace the traditional tube light and bulbs with energy efficient lamps to save electricity. Instead of high electricity consuming AC air coolers that run with water can be used as well. Today most of the electronic device companies are coming up with energy efficient appliances for the customers as well.

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