Eco Friendly Home Construction Ideas

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2016)
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Eco friendly home construction tips and ideas

Home owners need to take proper steps for deciding the means and the kind of construction structure they want in order to have eco friendly home construction.  Eco friendly homes are in trend in home construction designs. There are many aspects which will help you in getting through with the planning of eco friendly home construction. Thorough home inspection is on the top of this list. It is necessary because it will assist you in knowing your home deficiencies.  It will help you with the mapping what needs to be done to accomplish your target of having a eco friendly home. Home energy audit is another tool which will help you with your objective.

An eco friendly home construction will require you to install energy efficient appliances, plugging of any air leaks, having your home construction budget assessed, optimizing your air conditioning, planning for renewable resources, and many more of such smart efficient planning which will help you in achieving your goals of an eco friendly home construction. If you are unable to do the planning for your eco friendly home construction on your own, you can also go for professional home inspection. They are experts and come with lots of professional home inspection experience.

An eco friendly home inspection may result in certain amount of expenditure but trust me it’s a better option for constructing an eco friendly home. With the help of the home inspector’s skills and knowledge,  you will be in a position to discuss, dissect and debate on a number of options in regards with your eco friendly home construction. The home expert will also help you with the energy audit of your proposed eco friendly home construction plan. In technical language we can say, professional energy audit will precisely show up with the measurement of airflow, proper insulation and ventilation options,  other hvac options, application of hybrid technology, and other such factors which are counted to be important means for an effective and efficient green home construction. It is suggested to start with home inspection process first since it will serve as the foundation for the planning of your eco friendly home construction.

Ideas of Eco friendly home construction

The energy saving audit must be conducted in such a way that it results in getting the exact efficiencies which you are targeting for. The energy audit will also help you in making your budget precise and terms to be acting up on it. Energy audit should be starting reference point of your eco friendly home construction plan.

Well, there are many materials and tools which are required for the planning of green home construction.  There are green related ideas and concepts which you need to understand thoroughly before you start executing your eco friendly home construction plan. As per documented research, approximately 20 percentage of energy is used for maintaining the temperature of one’s home.

Plugging of airflow

Why to go around wasting energy and end up paying more bills, right? Sealing and stopping of airflow is an important factor to be taken into account for an eco friendly home construction. If we are talking about old homes, the cost of repairing and sealing of the leaks around the doors, windows, the air conditioning ducts, basement foundation, etc. is more and high because you will need to go for stabilizing each of those areas and parts.

It is advisable to arrive at a budget for your sealing and plugging exercise before you start working on those issues.  You should aim to seal off as much as airflow as possible. Seal up the windows, doors, AC ducts, any other openings in the home, and get your home construction tight enough to avoid any air flowing unnecessarily out of your home.

I know you might be thinking why should you go for such types of steps, right? Many a times it has been observed that just because of certain gaps in the windows and doors, attic area, kitchen area, etc, the air which has been maintained, with the help of the air conditioning unit in summers or the heating systems winter, gets disturbed and the air flows out of the home. This results in increased usage of electrical appliances which further results in escalating energy consumption bills. Such a scenario goes against the very tenets of the eco friendly home construction.

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So with the help of caulking up those spaces with certain specific tools, and techniques will aid you in getting eco friendly home construction. Seal up the open leaks which are observed so that no airflow takes place and you can arrive with less of energy consumption expenditure. Another important thing that can be used is the draft catcher. Yes, you can install draft catcher in bottom of your home doors which will aid you in not letting any of the airflow to be in account.

Reflective Insulation

professional contractor installing Reflective insulation
Reflective insulation for saving cost of energy

As discussed there are many ideas which can be applied to enhance the performance of the eco friendly home construction process. Use of natural sun light is one among them.

Why should one go for any kind of artificial lights as long as one can have access to natural sun light ? A proper utilization of natural sun light in your home will give you control over the energy consumption bills.

There are different criteria to be followed for different situations. If you are staying around in a sunny area where the flow of heat is more then you must go for Reflective Insulation. It is a specific type of material which is easily available in the market. It also supports the cause of an eco friendly home construction. It is known by the name of Reflection Insulation and is thin sheet of material.

How does it function ?

The reflective insulation is installed at places in your home where the presence of sun light is more. It’s a kind of heat reflective agent. You will need place it towards the inner side of your roofing area. The Reflective Insulation will reflect the heat resulting in the temperature of the home not rising due to the heat factor. The reflective insulation blocks the harmful UV radiations entering your home premises, making your eco friendly home construction idea a real success.

Installing the insulation reduces the heat which passes from walls and roofs towards the interiors of the home. The materials which are used are reflective in nature like aluminium, thinner woods planks, and fibreglass.

Amazingly, for homes which are situated in cold regions, can also use reflective insulation. It will ensure that the heated room temperatures don’t escape through the walls and roofs and the home heating apparatus continues to perform without any overload.

Eco Friendly Gardening and Landscaping

Any discussion of an eco friendly home construction is incomplete without giving attention to the gardens, lawns and overall landscaping. You can call it the eco friendly home lawn ! If you are thinking of using fossil fuels, trimmers, chemicals, harmful fertilizers and more of such things for getting your home garden ready, then trust me you are going in the wrong way. Why to go for such things and pollute the environment around your place of stay ? Rather apply some of the eco friendly home construction gardening ideas.

Eco friendly gardening can lead you with many benefits and the core one is cost effectiveness factor. One of the easiest way of and eco garden is to select native plants for your garden. Native plants are those which have a natural habitat in that region.

Do not use bagged seeds; rather go for native plantation which can be grown easily with less consumption of fertilizers and water. For an eco friendly home construction choose smaller landscaping ideas than the larger ones. A  smaller landscaping will require less maintenance of the garden, it will help in protecting the ground water and will prevent the land from getting polluted due to use of chemicals and fertilizers.

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Scientifically, planting the seeds in sequence will help your home to be protected from the excessive solar heat which will result in lower energy consumption bills. The lawn mower can easily be ported to your electric connector with its extensions due to the smaller size of the garden. This isn’t possible when the garden sizes are large. A large garden will require you have multiple power extensions to move around the mower. Eco friendly gardens are considered to be right choice for the concept of green home construction.

Water consumption in an eco friendly home

Watching out the water consumption at your home is among the top important points in your eco friendly home construction idea. According to the research papers, water consumption is the third most important factor influencing the cause of nuanced energy consumption.

Let’s see how should we go about achieving a lower water consumption pattern. Water is used for multiple applications like personal hygiene, heating of water, for washing utensils, washing of clothes, cleaning of home, etc.  So that brings us to how to control the application of water in order to focus on eco friendly home construction. Amongst all, the most effective appliance which can help you in going for eco friendly home construction is water heater. Water heater can be a good energy saver and due diligence should be done before buying one.

Tankless Water Heater

installation of Tankless water heater
Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heater is considered to be the right choice to act upon. Though it is a bit costly investment but it’s every worth of it.

How does it work

Tankless water heater heats only that much of water as is required by you. It doesn’t accumulate any of the heated water in the tank. This is contrary to a traditional water heater which accumulates the water in its tank but doesn’t result in any value addition to the user, once the use of the water has been exhausted. It seems quite critical, isn’t it ? Let us make it simple by identifying the right type of water heater for your eco friendly home construction.

The right type of water heater

FHR (First Hour Rating) is the unit which suggest the heating capacity of the water heater. This research will help you in understanding whether the choice of your heater is correct or not in line with your requirements. The US Dept of Energy has outlined on the specification of a tankless water heater. You can read more about it over here –

The US Dept of Energy Guidelines for Tankless Water Heater

Not only this, there are more of such eco friendly home appliances which are helpful in conserving energy and helping with your eco friendly home construction objective. Thermostat is another such appliance which can help with the idea of lower energy consumption costs at home.


Thermostat is considered to be an all-in-one technology. It can work across all your energy consumption appliances at home. It can be applied for controlling the level of water required in your bathroom, maintaining the cooling and heating temperatures in your home, measuring the accurate energy saving at home, etc. And for many more such functions are being managed with the help of thermostat. A thermostat should be part of the list of eco friendly home construction tools and techniques.

Installing thermostat is a good decision which any home owners must definitely go for and that too when such hybrid technology with all sorts of advances are being available to you. Your work is just to set up the functions and let it work on its own. Thermostats also come in hybrids and can help you in being connected to your home appliances even when you are out of your home.

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And don’t get misled by the name. I know you might be assuming that thermostat would cost more, right? But the facts are something else. The standard ones come cheap and are low on your pockets. Not only that, it can work on the lower energy levels which is good from the point of view of an eco friendly home construction process. Easily managing your home energy consumption on your fingertips is the hallmark of using thermostat. The hybrids come at a price, but do get it installed and sit back to relax and count the savings it does to your energy bills.

During the selection of thermostat, it is advisable to go for the smarter unit. The smarter ones are expensive but it is wise to go for them for the savings they will bring and the eco friendly efficiencies they will create. The appliances which you are using in your home are nevertheless going to wear out at some point of time. Going for the smart eco friendly technology for your home should be the way ahead for replacing those worn out home appliances.

Eco Friendly electronic appliances

Nifty shopping is the thing which the home owners are required to comply with while planning for eco friendly home construction. Going for the latest model of the electronic appliances which you are in need of is accounted to be accurate decision which the home owners must practice. But don’t forget to research before you pick the appliance.

Stay eco friendly conscious while going for appliance shopping.  You are not going to be investing in the appliances again and again. So, Shop smart, Shop Eco Friendly. When the old electronic appliances wear out, replacing it with the new ones is called change of appliance but replacing it with the eco friendly product will be considered to be your step towards green home construction.

Decide on the objective for purpose of the appliance which you want to install at your home. But do keep one thing in mind; cheap things are not always effective. You will not be measured clever if you go for appliances with a cheap price tag but which doesn’t help you with your energy savings. Rather you will be considered clever if you go for those appliance which are accurate and save up on your energy bills. It is your duty of evaluating between the performance and the prices with a long term perspective in mind. The home appliances should serve your objective of an eco friendly home construction. Get them installed through professionals to ensure the optimum utilization of those appliance resources.

Having an eco friendly home construction leads to important changes in not only your home but the environment too. Taking from the top, installing energy efficient appliances, optimum utlization of resources, increasing savings on your energy consumption and moralizing it all in one, is your core objective to focus on. Evaluation  and application of eco friendly tools in accordance to your requirements should help you with your objectives. Eco friendly decisions for home will help you in addressing home deficiencies and maximising energy saving ideas.

The process of green home construction might be time consuming due to complexity of multiple factors. But the result shall be faultless and accurate and you would enjoy the gesture of eco friendly ideas used for home. In simple words, this means setting of the target of transforming your home into an eco friendly atmosphere, for getting the best results not only in the interiors but the exterior environment too.


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