Easy Ways To Make Your Home Smell Good

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2017)
Ways to make your home smell good
Tips to make your home smell good

When you have guests in your home and your home is stinking then it can be extremely embarrassing. Well even when there are no guests in the home, it can still be irritating to stay in a home which has foul odors all the time. In several cases, it is also quite difficult to find the source of odor. But if you want to make your home smell good, you have to locate the source of foul smell and get rid of it. Well if you want to make your home smell good on instant basis then you should consider using some scented items for covering up the bad smell. This article will assist you on locating the sources of foul smell, getting rid of them and also making your home smell good. Here are some of the steps for making your home smell good.

  • Check the source of foul smell

In certain cases, it might be sure but if you are not sure, check around the home to check if you can locate from where the smell is coming from. There are certain common sources of foul smells in every smell and there is also some common solution for fixing it. Several most common areas where you can locate the foul smell are cabinets, closets, bathroom, sink, basement, laundry room or refrigerator. One of the other common areas which are to be checked for the sources of foul smell is pet areas. Even if there is any accident in the house then also it can result into extremely horrible smell. One of the sources of bad smell can also be plumbing. If your home is having a fouls smell which is like the rotten eggs then it is possibly a clogged up or dried up pipe. If you are smoking in your home then it can also cause the smells to get build up in the home. Trash cans also be one of the major sources of smells and hence have a check on that. Several times garbage of the bathroom can also start to smell bad after passage of several days. Checking these spots of the home and removing the source of bad smell is all you need to do for making your home smell good.

  • Get rid of the pet odors from your carpet
remove pet odors from carpet
Get rid of pet odors from carpet

There are several tips and tricks which can help you to do this more rapidly. If you want a rapid fix to this issue then you can make use of baking soda for cleaning the carpet and getting rid of the foul smell from it. Sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and let it sit there for a time period of minimum 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, vacuum the carpet. If there are wet messes then it will need different kind of approach. If there is any liquid mess like urine then soak it up with newspaper. Get some fresh paper if it gets saturated. Keep doing this till the time you blot the little moisture up. Rinse the entire area with clean and fresh water. Get rid of the excess water by using wet vacuum or a cloth. You can also opt for commercial carpet cleaner or the pet stain remover or the pet odor neutralizer for getting rid of the odor from a specified area.

  • Make use of good smelling products

Products like candles, air fresheners or oil burners can spread the pleasant smell and overcome the unpleasant smell from your entire home very rapidly. Make use of scented oil burner or light up a scented candle in your home to make your home smell good. You can also sprinkle air fresheners along your entire home but its smell will not last too long.

  • Try out incense


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The smell of incense is very strong it is not necessarily very pleasant. There are plenty of different scents in case of incense. For lighting up the incense, you need to light up the coated end of incense stick of any scent and hold it up through the uncoated end. Let the flame gets penetrated through incense and then let it blow off. One of the ends of the stick which is flamed should look glowing red and it should produce a smoke which is strongly scented.

  • Place scented sachets


Scented sachets for removing foul smell
Scented sachets in home

These sachets are the packets filled with scented rice or dried herbs.  These scented sachets are a good option for drawers of your clothes. If you want some natural aroma around your home then place the sachets of cinnamon sticks or dried lavender. If you want to make such sachets yourself then it is a DIY trick only. You just need to put up potpourri or dried flower petals into a little fabric sack and place them in the various corners around your home to make your home smell good. You can also make up the rosemary wreaths and use them for hanging around your home for making your home smell good.

  • Use reed diffuser


These are basically the jars which are filled up with the scented oils. Bamboo reeds are used by the reed diffuser for soaking up the scented oils. After that these reeds are used for diffusing the scent in the open air. Reed diffuser exposes very smell in the atmosphere of the home but however this smell is quite pleasant. You can get this reed diffuser at any of the home improvement stores and these are available in plenty of different smells, you can choose the one which is most favorable.

  • Put up herbs and species


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If you add up herbs and spices in the water then the boiling water will fill up the home with the smell of spices all around. Take a pot and add 3 cups of water to it along with spices like cloves and cinnamon. Keep the heat level low and allow the spices and herbs to simmer. This will spread up pleasant smell all around your home and keep the foul smell away.


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