Easy Ideas To Clean Your Bathtub

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Bathtub cleaning by homeowner
Lady cleaning bathtub

There is no better option to remove stress and relieve yourself than to soak you in a hot water bathtub. There is nothing more irritating then to come home stressed and want a relaxing bath in bathtub but it is dirty. Sometimes bathtubs are just like a magnet for mildew, grime, soap scum and this creates stains on your bathtub. A dirty bathtub will make your whole bathroom to look dull and unattractive. This is really not what you want from your bathtub. Stains can be result of anything, irregular cleaning, and collection of shampoo foam or from bleach or drain cleaner.  Cleaning your bathtub and getting rid of all these stains is like a war. However you can easily clean your bathtub, you just need the right tips. You need to evaluate type of your bathtub; the applicable cleaning solution and right cleaning method and you will get a sparkling clean bathtub. Here are some of the easy and effective ideas for cleaning your bathtub and making it spotless clean.

  • Knowing the type of bathtub

This step of cleaning your bathtub is very much essential. There are certain cleaning methods or certain cleaning solutions which are not suitable to several types of bathtub and instead of cleaning your bathtub; you will end up damaging it and making its condition even worse. Hence check the type if bathtub you are having. Here are some of the materials you will usually find in your bathroom.

  • Porcelain: This is stone type of material and it is considered as the most durable type for sink and bathtubs.
  • Acrylic: This material very closely resembles plastic. This material might blend in with the design of certain bathroom whereas it can also go wrong in certain. If you are having acrylic bathtub then while cleaning your bathtub with this materials, make sure to not to use things like pumice stones.
  • Enamel: You will find this material in older tubs is it was prevalent in that time. While cleaning your bathtub with this material, be very careful as it is very much sensitive to bleach and drain cleaner. Rusty brown stains will appear very instantly when your bathtub is exposed strong acidic solution or bleach.
  • Cleaning your bathtub with porcelain

Cleaning porcelain bathtub
Lady cleaning porcelain bathtub

For cleaning porcelain bathtub, you need to use abrasive powder. You can make use of ajax or comet for this. Put some powder on the stubborn stain on your bathtub and then add some portion of water to it. Take a scouring pad for cleaning the stains. The scrub which you use for dish washing will work for cleaning your bathtub. Take the scrub and rub it on the area where you have applied this abrasive powder. If the stains are very hard then you can consider using pumice stone for getting rid of it. Make sure that you are having a porcelain tub while you are using pumice stone for cleaning your bathtub. Pumice stone is not recommended for cleaning your bathtub with enamel and acrylic. It will scratch the surface if used on such surface.  You can also apply a paste to your bathtub for removing stain and make it sparkling clean. Add up water and comet into a bowl and mix it properly. Allow the paste to settle properly on the bathtub for time period of 15 to 30 minutes. After that, scrub the surface very thoroughly for deep cleaning.

  • Cleaning your bathtub with enamel

For cleaning your bathtub with enamel, you can make use of commercial cleaner. However ensure that the commercial cleaner you are going to use does not contain bleach. Bleach is not recommended for cleaning your bathtub with enamel. Any of the surfaces cleaner or any normal bathroom cleaner will also work for cleaning your bathtub. Another simple way to clean your bathtub is using shampoo. Yes you heard it right, you can also use shampoo for cleaning your bathtub. Take some shampoo and rub it on the ring nearby your bathtub. Allow it to settle there for few minutes. After that, clean with off by some warm water. Shampoo is used for cutting human oils and if your tub is also dirty with human oils then this is the best cleaning solution you can get. If the stains of your bathtub is very serious and it is not getting cleaned by any of the above solutions then you can go for using trisodium phosphate for deep cleaning. This should be used only dirt, grease and soap scum is very much extreme. Take a gallon of hot water and mix a table spoon of chemical in it. Ensure that you are not mixing any other chemical with this. Whichever chemical you use, ensure that you are not using bleach as it can react with this tub and can also leave behind rusty stains of brown color. Using acid in the drain cleaner will also leave the same impact.

  • Cleaning your bathtub with acrylic

Acrylic bathtub cleaning
Cleaning bathtub with acrylic

Acrylic tubs are such which needs regular washing as compared with that of other tubs. It will probably need cleaning at least once in a week. Make use of simple dish washing liquid by using plenty of warm water to get rid of germs and stains. One of the easy bathtub cleaning solutions is vinegar. It is considered great for getting rid of hard water build up on your bathtub. Make a mixture of water and vinegar and spray it on affected area and let it remain stagnant for 40 to 40 minutes. After that scrub the affected area and then rinse it off by using warm water. While c leaning your bathtub makes sure you are using soft sponge and avoid using abrasive pads for cleaning or any such other product for removing grit. This type of bathtubs is very sensitive and they can easily get scratched and hence using soft sponge or scrub is the key to cleaning here. Don’t use pumice stones or even scouring pads for cleaning bathtub even when the stain is hard and is not getting out with soft scrub.

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