Drilling an Angle in material

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Machine showing drilling an angle
Drilling an angle on wooden piece

By making a pilot hole that is the same depth as the bit diameter you can easily drill an angle into material. A pilot hole prevents the bit from slipping across the surface of the material while drilling. Once the bit is positioned, you can angle the drill to any position you need.


1. The correct diameter bit is to be attached to the electric drill. Check the drill to see if it has any defect before using.

2. The tip of the bit is placed on the material you are drilling. The angle of the drill should be 90-degree from the material.

3. The drill trigger is squeezed gently so that the bit penetrates into the material up to depth of the bit diameter.

4. Again the drill is angled to the desired position with the bit still in position.

5. The drill trigger is squeezed gently and the bit is allowed to penetrate into the material at the angle you desire.

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