DIY Décor Ideas For Girls Room

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2017)

As a parent finding décor ideas for girl’s room can be a challenging job. Girls are very choosy and particular about their likes and dislikes unlike boys. Girl’s room is not just a room, there is sentimental values attached to the room and finding the right décor ideas for girl’s room can be bit difficult. You might have searched for plenty décor ideas for girls room but can’t really incorporate them because they are very expensive and not everyone can spend fortune for home décor. If you are hunting for décor ideas for girl’s room which are inexpensive and can be incorporated easily then refers this article and transform your girl’s room. There are plenty of cool and easy décor ideas for girls room which are never been explored, learn them here and try it in your room. These décor ideas for girls room are really in budget and if you are a bit handy person, you can create magic with these ideas. Here are some of the creative and cheap décor ideas for girls room.

  • Canopy bed fairy lights

Bed is one of the most essential things in any room and so is in girls room. Every girl has dreamed of having a cute bed with lighting where they can sleep and get feel of being a princess.  This dream can come with canopy lights installation in girls room. Be careful while choosing the color of the canopy lights. If you are having white bed then any color will go with it, if you are having dark colored bed then g for light colored lighting and vice versa. Apply this décor idea for girls room and surprise your girl.

  • Photo frame with mosaic tiles

You would have definitely heard of making photo frames but have you ever heard of making it from mosaic tiles? I guess no. now this is one of the cheapest décor ideas for girls room as it is DIY thing. You just need to collect some beads which you must have from broken toys or bracelets or necklace. Use them and make a mosaic tiles photo frame and put it on the side table of your girls room. This is not only décor ideas for girls room but it can also be used as gift option for friends and family.

  • Love headboard

Girls are all about crush and love during their teen and one of the best ways to make them happy and add something to their room which reflects their current mood is a love headboard. You can make this headboard out of wood or pallets and you just have to spray love on the headboard. This will make the bed more inviting and appealing. You can also paint the headboard and add various designs and patterns as per your choice.

  • Painted votives

This one of the best décor ideas for girls room. This will make a cool and classy statement for any room. It’s not necessary t6o make each one of them similar, you can paint them differently with variation and place them at any of the corners of your room. To make some more out of this, you can also try adding candles to this and it will give amazing look to your room. You can also consider adding glowing LED flames and see your room turning gloomy. You can consider setting up a new shelf above your bed and place this thin on it and admire the glory of your new DIY craft.

  • Furry pillows

One of the easiest quickest décor ideas for girls room is furry pillows. These pillows are really very easy to make and you can make it in no time. You will just need half an hour or maximum one hour to make these pillows. Girls are always fond of different pillows and furry pillows have always been their favorite. Make it with different colors and place them on your bed or on your couch and feel the lavishing look along with comfort in no price.

  • Door décor

Now you might think there is no point decorating a door but it does make a huge impact in the looks of your room. You can decorate your door by using washi tape. Washi tape is quite cheap and hence it can be one of the most inexpensive décor ideas for girls room. You would have never considered washi tape for door décor but it works beautifully. Select a cress cross design or any design you prefer and cut the tape accordingly and stick it on your door. These décor ideas for girls room is also quite quick.

  • Jar fairy lights

Every girl has always been fond of magical things and there is nothing better than installing one in their room itself. You would definitely be having jars in your home, you can use those jar for, making some magical thing. You would have to just bring fairy lights from the market which is again very cheap and install them in the jar and close. Put the lights off during night and see these twinkling lights in the jar. These décor ideas for girls room don’t need any expensive material or painting skills or any craft skills but still works very beautifully.

  • Hanging bed posts

This is one of the perfect décor ideas for girls room. Hanging bed posts have always been girls favorite and it just looks amazing and is also not costly. For installing this in any room, you need to hang two dowel rings in the ceiling along with the hooks, then you have to hang some beautiful fabrics which can be preferable white as all lighting goes well with white. Add some LED strings with that fabric and you are done. You have beautiful bed posts in your room.

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