Different Types Of Mattress

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)
Various Types of mattress
Different Types of mattress

Getting a nice sleep at night depends upon many different factors. Some of these factors affecting your sleep are stress, your room’s temperature and comfort. One of another factor affecting your sleep is the types of mattress you have in your room. If you are not getting comfortable sleep at night, one of the reasons can be the types of mattress you are using. If you are using the same mattress since a long period of time then chances are there it has got old and uncomfortable and suing these matters can cause issues like back pain and whole body pain. It is high timer you should opt for new mattress now. Well if you have decided to go for new types of mattress then take a stroll in the market and see how many options are available for different types of mattress. Well now choosing from this various types of mattress can be quite difficult that too when you are educated about what is the qualities of this mattress. You might end up picking up types of mattress which is not suitable to your body and having the same problem of back pain and body pain even by buying the new mattress. Different types of mattress have different functions and works in its specified manner. There are several types of mattresses which are very firm and they will pressure you main points and keep them out of alignment whereas there are several types of mattress which are very soft and they will not at all support this points, ion both of the cases, you will have a painful and achy morning. However many of times, people cannot understand that they are sleeping on wrong types of mattress and they never go for new one, However if you are not sure whether you are sleeping right type of mattress or not then here is a trick. When you wake up in the morning and you have minute amount of back pain which will okay in 15 to 30 minutes then probably you are sleeping in wrong types of mattress. Now if you need new types of mattress and don’t k now features of the types of mattress then to guide you, here are some of the types of mattress with its pros and cons to help you decide which one will be most suitable for you.

  • Innerspring mattress


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Innerspring mattress with coil
Lady sleeping on Innerspring mattress

These types of mattress are most widely used. The most important feature of these types of mattress is that they are built in such a way that they support you by using coil springs. In today’s time each and every coil is supports individually. This will help the coil from popping out from the mattress there are plenty of materials which are added for extra comfort on the top of the coil. It’s your matter of choice and preference. One essential thing you need to take care of is more coil doesn’t mean more comfort. Most of the salesman wills try to cheat you by saying this and asking for added money. The adequate amount of coil is 390 and more than that is not necessary and you won’t feel any major difference also.


There is plenty of variety in case of these types of mattress like fluffiness and firmness and also in every pricing. For overweight people, innerspring matters in firm version are good as it will allow them to get in and out more easily and comfortably.


There is no relation in price and comfort but avoid taking the cheapest one and if there are not enough springs and cushions, you will end up having back pain in morning.

  • Memory foam mattress


Soft Memory foam mattress
Girl sleeping on Memory foam mattress

These types of mattress are becoming very popular in today’s time. These types of mattress are made up from layers from various densities of foam which can respond to temperature and weight and are very well known for comfort as they can fit with any shape of your body.

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These types of mattress will mold with your body according to your weight at the night whenever you shift. These types of mattress will reduce the pressure points and it will also help in relieving pain. These types of mattress will also help in absorbing movement and hence if you are sleeping with your partner then you will not be disturbed with his twisting, turning and tossing.


One of the major cons of using memory foam mattress is that these are extremely sensitive by temperature and softening and also getting mold with your body heat. Hence these types of mattress will make you feel very hot at the night time. It is also said that these mattress are known for emitting some stinky chemical smell. These types of mattress are suitable for those people who have muscle pain.

  • Air mattress

When you hear the name air mattress, you must be thinking of the blow up mattress which put up for guests during our holidays which is not true. Air mattress are actually a high end air beds which gives the look of standard innerspring mattress but it has air filled instead of coils in it. These are basically covered up by the foam layer on the top of it. These types of mattress are perfect for those who are patient of spinal cord injury who have to lie on the bed for a long period of time. These can also be adjusted so that they are not pressing on the same area of the body and this helps to avoid skin breakdown in those patient who are not able to move.

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Couples who have difference in their comfort level and firmness level can do well by having air mattress. This is because the firmness of the each bedside of the adjusted as per their comfort.


If you fail to adjust the firmness properly and it is very low then you can end up having back pain in the morning.



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