Different Types of Beds

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2016)

When you are thinking of any bed there are certain things which comes up in our mind like the comfort zone, relaxation, luxurious sleep and the most important the hours of sleep which you need every time. The first picture which strikes in our mind is the simple look and the normal one which you can get in any house but no, there are different types of beds which are available in the market for you.

Let’s take some of the examples like if you want luxurious beds there are such kinds of it and not only that for the kids room there are different patterns and designs with its interesting colors which are mostly liked by the kids, etc and what not. The further discussion will focus on what types of beds are available in the market which you can install and place it in your home. It will be definitely going to help you to decide the way you like it to be installed in your home.

Types of beds

  •  Design of divan beds
    Pattern of divan beds

    Divan Beds are such types of it that is heighten as compared to other beds. Not only that the lower portion consists of compartment in which you can store many things which can give more space in your room. It is three feet high and two divided into two parts into which one part you can store your things and in the second one the bed is been placed with the blanket attached.


  • Creative sofa beds
    Designs of sofa beds

    Sofa Beds, are considered some of the different type as compared to the original ones because in this type of bed you can sleep as well as when you don’t need bed just fold the outer portion of the sofa in and you can get the sofa ready which can help you to get well adjust. In simple words it can be called as multi-functional bed which can at time work as sofa and when we need it can be converted to bed too.


  • Comforting futon beds
    Beauty of futon beds

    Futon Beds, these types of bed is a bit traditional which has been arrived from the Japanese culture. It has the feature of folding and kept in when your work regarding it has been over. This feature will help you to maintain the space which you will need in your room. It is very comfortable to sleep and also if anyone wants to sit in a relaxed manner they can. It is placed on the metal or the wooden frame which is attached to the futon. You can now have it with different colors and interesting designs which can be more suitable in your room.

  • Space saving bunk beds
    Cute and funky bunk beds

    Bunk Beds, this type of beds are designed and placed in such rooms where more than two persons are going to sleep. It has different compartments which are like stored floors which are attached with each other; a simple ladder is attached at the end so that the person can go up for his bed. You will find this type of beds in the rooms of children which is more interesting for them. They are also called also called as Mid Sleeper beds.

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