Different Types Of Beds

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2017)
Various types of beds
Different types of beds

When we think of bed, it’s the soft, comfy and by far the most pleasant place in the entire world. It would have happened several times, you are in the middle of something and just for a moment you close your eyes and here it is your bed. We have bed in mind when we think of the relaxation, sleep or comfort. We all will be having a generic image of bed in mind when we think of it. Now you won’t be getting this good feeling about bed if you are not pretty much satisfied with your current bed. If it is so, you can consider changing your bed with the new one. There are plenty of types of beds available in the market, you can go through them and see which one suits with the generic of image of bed in your mind and which one would give sweet dreams at night with pleasant morning. Here is a list of the some of the   types of beds you can consider while replacing your old bed with the new one.

  • Divan beds


Basically divan beds have two main parts which can be joined together by using a bracket. Legs of the beds are made from the wooden materials and it will be sitting on the floor directly. The base of the bed would be around 3 feet high accompanying with a lifting cover and giving you sufficient amount of space for storing your personal stuff and helping you to make your bedroom look clean and organized. These types of beds are very functional and also practical and are most probably preferred for the level of comfort and sturdiness. You are open with the options of wide range of designs, patterns and styles. You are available with various types of options for storage like sliders, zip, drawers, link storage and several others. While buying these types of beds, be aware that majority of the sellers will be charging extra for the headboards and they are not included in the cost of bed. Well these types of beds are most commonly available and they have low cost as compared with other types of beds. However on other hand these are less stylish and sturdy as compared with other bed types.

  • Bedsteads


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These types of beds have slated frames despite of having solid base structure. These types of beds are generally made from wood or metal and they are made from headboards, legs and base. These are more of a decorative option to be installed in your bedroom with plenty of finishes, style statements and colors. You can go on choosing from the stylish and elegant four poster bedstead to traditional pine bedstead. In case of these types of beds, you are available with headboards and you don’t have to pay extra for it and you are open with the option of choosing the hard feel bed or the more comfy and flexible beds. However on the negative side it would have to be self-assembled and are more costly than divan beds. Also storing under the bed can look very messy and unorganised.

  • Sleigh bed


Sleigh beds in bedroom
Sleigh beds in home

These are more like a contemporary form of beds which is quite popular for its bold statement. These types of beds are designed in a way that it can attract any individual. It has this beautiful and sleek curves, slender look and smart usage that you cannot resists from buying it. The look that sleigh beds offer is not generally available with any other types of beds. It will add style quotient to your bedroom and give your bedroom an entire makeover. The materials that you can find in such types of beds are wood, metal and the most preferred one is leather. These are the best suitable types of beds for contemporary and modern homes and works diligently in changing the appearance of the bedroom.

  • Sofa bed


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Sofa bed is a multipurpose piece of furniture in your home. During the day, it will work as general furniture which can be transformed into a bed during nighttime. Sofa beds also come with the option of storage space for placing your household stuff which you don’t use on regular basis. Majorly people opt for sofa beds because of their different functions. Those who reside in a small space finds sofa beds perfect piece of furniture because it works in different ways. The sofa beds which come along with the mattress included can also be used as guest beds. This can also fit in your kid’s room if it lacks enough space to fit in a regular bed and also a sofa.

  • Futon beds


Foldable futon beds
Red colored futon beds

Futon beds are the foldable piece of furniture which can be used effectively for sleeping and then it can be folded back and kept in the cupboard. These are a Japanese piece of furniture which helps you to save on space and helping you to make use of the room for various other purposes during the day time. The improved version of futon beds will come with metal and wood frame for carrying the futon mattress and for keeping it above the ground level. These types of beds can also be used in the form of couch or sofa for your guest room, study room or living room or at any other place you want to place it.

  • Mid sleepers or bunk beds

These types of beds are designed in a way that they can accommodate more than two persons. There are several styles and designs in case of bunk beds to choose from and there would be a ladder attached to the bed for reaching the top floor of the bed. The basic purpose of installing this bed is to save up on horizontal space and is to fulfill more than one person. These types of beds are used majorly in prison cells, summer camps and bunk beds and in student residential areas. The use of bunk beds are majorly in the kids room.

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