Different Color Combinations of Wall Paint

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Color combination of purple Paint
Purple paint with different color combination

Whenever you’re planning for painting your walls, there are different color combinations that come up to our mind. Well, there are many different color combinations that can be used in different ways. Some of them are traditional, while some of them are according to the modern look. Especially pale green and cream are the basics of traditional. Even, there are different color combinations of contemporary colors too. It’s advisable of getting a color fan deck from your nearby local painting store. Even, you can make the use of paint cards that comes in varieties of different color combination of paints. Decide which one will be suitable in accordance to the interiors of your home.

But, keep that in mind that the color combinations you’re selecting should be important according to the look, feel and the flow that you want to depict in your home. For instance, you should try spending some of your time in a library or a book store. As there are many different books available that helps in discussing the theory or color psychology. It’s advisable of learning the basics of color combinations, the primary of the state and explore your vision by selecting your favorite color for your home. Differentiate about the color wheel and the colors shown in that. It will definitely end up in getting one of the best look for increasing the charm and beauty of your home interiors.

Different Color Combinations of Wall Paint:

Brighter color combinations:

When you’re actually planning of color your walls, the first thing that strikes up the mind is applying bright colors. Even, bright primary colors works well and is best suitable for a sunny room and also helps in giving a thoroughly modern and vibrant slant.

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Bright colors helps in making excellent accents over plain white walls and you can also add up the charm by adding bold and better combinations of strips like blue and orange on the walls. By applying this idea, you can not only color your walls but also offer better designs and patterns suitable to your home interiors.

You can even make the use of bright colors for standing out from other standard walls in your room. For example, paint a wall with white and the other one with bright green, it will help you in instantly creating a talking point and your room will turn into a piece of art at the end of applying the color combination selected by you.

But, there are certain things you need to be careful while selecting bright colors as your choice of color for painting your walls. As bright colors have the power of easily over power you room instead of the walls. For best effects and impact of bright colors, use them sparingly.

For example, you can paint the wall opposite to the window or door, which is the brightest source of light in your home. This will offer a better impact of color work that you’ve selected for your room. And if you planning of using bright colors for your kid’s room, the wall with the bed positioned is the best choice to exercise.

Dark color combinations:

Darker shade color combination
Color combination of Darker shade

For Victorian style and modern wall painting, dark color combination is the best trial. But, before applying it to your walls, there are things to be considered. You need to be very careful while selecting darker shades for your walls. If you’re using darker color combinations for your walls, make sure ample amount of light is available in that room.

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Even though the color combination is darker, still it works well when both are combined together. For example, combination of gray and burgundy is one of the best examples that work well with the dark color combinations.

You need to pick up such a room for painting with dark color combination with a flat finish because it will offer a smooth and rich result as well. A semi-gloss or stain darker color combination will become more reflective and probably won’t be able to give the exact look which you’re going for.  Even contrasting darker shades of colors with the lighter one is a good idea for increasing its beauty.

It also offers with two benefits, the lighter color will reflect light in your room and the darker shade of color helps in highlighting the effects. It offers a great dramatic impact that is suitable to the interiors of your home. Royal blue including white texture is a best example of using dark and light with each other.

The darker shade of color combination used for faux painting is becoming more prevalent now a days. Darker shades of green and blue are some of the examples that can be used in your home. You can also use a contrasting shade by applying more amount of light color and adding little amount of dark shade to it.

Texture and design it the way you want to have in your room. But, make sure, you’re not going to plaint your walls again and again. So it’s advisable of selecting such color combination scheme that increases the glam of your home.

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Light color combinations:

Light shades of color combination
Different light shades

Having a darker room in your home, it’s advisable of painting it with light color combinations. It helps in adding brightness to any dark room. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to paint the walls by using beiges or cream color. Don’t be such; it’s good to be bold. You can select a bright white color with the combination of peach or apricot.

This is what something comforting and warmer for the home owners. Even, you can make the use of both the darker as well as the lighter shades of color together. If you have such a room where one of its walls is availed with plenty of sunlight the whole day, paint it with white color that helps in standing out the other walls of your room too. And paint the other walls with soft colors or darker colors, whichever you think suits perfect for your room. End up the selection of color combination and feel your brand new room in your way.

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