Difference Between Prefab Homes And Manufactured Homes

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Prefab vs manufactured homes
Prefab homes

We usually have normal idea about only on site built homes as they are the most prevalent. But there are also other types of home which you might not be aware about. But when you are thinking to build a new home, you must consider all the options for home.  When talking about homes, you might be aware about the prefab homes, panel built homes and manufactured homes. However you might not have proper clarity about all these terms. You might also be using these terms interchangeably. But of course these terms can’t be used interchangeably as all of them have different meaning and they are altogether totally different from each other. Thus it is good to have a clear and good idea about all those and then see which is the one suiting all your needs and can be opted by you. Prefab and manufactured homes are two totally different types which people usually mix up. Here there is a differentiation between prefab homes and manufactured homes which can help you when you want your home to be built.

Prefab homes

The full name of prefab house is prefabricated house which is usually referred to as prefab house. Prefab is a very broad term which generally includes different types of building. Prefab homes stands for those homes which are built in the factory. Not the whole home but parts of the home are built in the factory. Once all the parts in built in factory, they are built to the actual site and then they are assembled over there. Both modular homes and panel homes are also covered under the umbrella category of the prefab homes. Both panel and modular falls under the same category but still they both are different.

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Panel building

In case of panel building, the floor of the building is laid down and then each section of the wall is lowered down and then wall is set one by one. Such kind of structures can be very much useful in those houses which don’t work easily as modules and which are just structurally sound as other types of prefab houses. Commercial prefab building is constructed in a way that which allows the building with open spaces and spaces and high ceilings. Such kind of building is also very less expensive in case of transporting the building in panels than modules if it much large and enough. Many of the times, toilets and sinks and dishwashers and things like that are already attached to the walls. Many of the times even light fixtures are also pre attached to the walls. This defines that builders would have less work to do and you will have less money and time to spend. Thus it is beneficial for you.

Modular building

Modular buildings are usually set up a crane. Generally modular house is constructed in a box like structure which are all set together and put in a form of a house. These modules are to be transported on the back of the flat beds trucks and have to come passing the highways and hence they should not be longer than the truck and it should also be not wider than 16. This defines that every room in the house should be less than 16. But now with the help of new technology, all the old barriers of the modular building are breaking down and all the houses are becoming customizable. Modular homes are such which do not allow you with any kind of additional structures like porches or garage which are to be built in a factory. When you combine panel homes with modular homes, the factories can deliver you with 90 % of complete home by mixing and implementing techniques of both.

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Manufactures homes

In case of prefab homes there is no construction in factory and everything is done in factory itself. In case of manufactured homes, such homes are constructed on a steel frame which is then shipped on its own wheels and then these are laid down on a crawlspace or on a slab of concrete. In certain cases, the wheels which are attached to the house on the build site are not even removed. Such wheels are just covered up by the side skirting. Manufactured homes are not much durable and don’t last for more years and they also have some of the maintenance issues. In fact such types of houses are considered to be the best type of home to live in.

Difference between prefab homes and manufactured homes

  • Building codes

Any type of prefab home have to cope up with the state and federal building codes which has to be gone under regular inspections, similar to nay site build home. This can give you surety that such homes are as safer as that of onsite build homes. There are certain evidence also that a well build modular home is more better and sturdy as compared to onsite build homes. On the other hand manufactured homes have to cope up with only department of housing and urban development which has much more lenient regulations and rules.

  • Resale value

Prefab homes are considered as real estate and hence the value of such increases just like the site builds homes. Manufactured homes are considered as the personal property and thus it will not have any increase in the value instead it will lose its value as soon as it is driven off the lot just like your car. The value of manufactured homes will continue to decrease for the full life of their home.

  • Appearance

Prefab homes are traditionally wood framed but with the change of culture, you can also see the steel framed construction. The appearance of these types of home is similar to that of on-site homes only. Whereas manufactured home gives you tin can type of look and there is very less possibility of any changes or adding the modern touch or modern look to manufactured homes.

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