Difference Between carport And Garage

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Comparison of garage and carport
Different between garage and carport

We all are aware that parking has a significant importance in our house. Considering from the safety and security point of view, garage is very important for parking your car. Homeowners consider garage as an essential thing for parking their cars. Apart from garage, carport is also preferred by many homeowners for parking. But there always prevails a confusion as to which is the better option for parking your car. They are confused because they cannot make out the clear cut difference between both of them. It is totally true that you can park your vehicle properly in both garage and carport, but still there is difference in construction of both carport and garage. Read the description below and you will be able to make out difference between carport and garage.


Garage is similar to a small room of your house built up with mortar and brick and it is a part of your home and attached to it. Garage is generally built in the front side of your house so that homeowners can park the car easily and can take it out also easily whenever needed. A garage has walls on three sides and the forth side has a gate or a shutter to close. This gate or shutter is for the entry and exit of your car. Your garage needs to have appropriate and lighting and proper wiring. Several homeowners built their garage in the backyard of the house but it is troublesome as entry and exit becomes little bit tough. While others built up their garage as an extension of their house it is usually more convenient. Garage being such a important part of house as for protecting your car, the construction cost of it is high. It needs concrete and mortar and thus the costing sets high.  But apart from high costing, it also gives high safety; you can lock the door of your garage and go wherever you want without tension.

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The structure of carp-ort is semi covered and it is designed in such a manner that provides limited safety to your car. Carports are generally open from two sides and it is modular in US and in rest of the worlds it is flat. Building a carport is easy and cost effective. You don’t need to invest much in building a carport in your home. Carport gives safety to your car from several weather conditions like snow fall, rain and extreme sun. But as it is open the safety is little bit less when compared to garage. But still if you are short on your budget and want a easy, cheap and durable option for parking then carport is best.

Garage VS carport

  • A garage is totally covered having walls on three sides and a shutter on forth where a carport is open from two sides.
  • A garage is a part of home where as carport is not a part of home.
  • Building a garage is expensive where as building a carport is cheap.
  • Seen from the safety and security point of view, garage is superior from carport.
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