Décor Ideas For Kid’s Bedroom

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Kids bedroom decorating ideas
Kids bedroom decorating options

It’s very essential to know the likes, dislikes, taste of your kids and then decorate your kid’s bedroom accordingly. Their choice might not match up with ours. Thus it’s better to know their likes, their favorite cartoon characters, and their favorite color and decorate your kid’s bedroom in that manner. Kid’s bedroom must have bright and lively colors having funky images. It should not be kept simple and plain. Here are some of the décor tips for your kid’s bedroom.

  • If you want your kid to stay organized then keep the things at their height. Closet, shelves, drawers, coat racks, benches should be kept at a height where they can reach easily. Kept it that way they will use them more often and keep their room more organized. They don’t have to depend upon you to get their things if they can get them easily.
  • Paint the room in a creative way. Try having a theme based paint. Install cartoon characters, cars, fairies and all such stuff which attract your kid and they like to spend time in their bedroom.
  • You can apply additive on paint which is available from any craft and hobby stores. This additive allows the Paint to glow in the dark. Kids usually like these kind of stuff in their bedroom. Paint stars and moon on the ceiling or you can try applying a cityscape at the edge of the room. This will keep them exciting while turning on the light during night.
  • You can also try removable wall transfers as it is becoming quite affordable. The range and styles of it are also plenty. So you can choose the one you like the most. You can consider it as temporary wall tattoo and give your kid the chance to decorate their wall the way they want without any kind of tension to fix it later. This will make your kid creative.
  • Kids are usually collector of things, so make collecting for them easy. Don’t always stuck the pictures and post cards on the clap board, Try to keep them hanging on string in front of your window or you can clip them to a string in front of the window of their room’s wall. It creates an interactive border in your kid’s bedroom.
  • Generally most of the kids want to have display space. Galvanized metal is a fairly inexpensive option and you can easily get it in sheets at any home improvement store. You just have to mount it on the wall and you can get an instant magnetic board.
  • Make sure that you install multiple type of lighting in kid’s bedroom. Overall lighting is for making kid’s bedroom attractive but don’t forget to install a reading light in kid’s bedroom as it can also help them getting to bathroom in the middle of the night.
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