Converting a double Car Garage in the Living Space

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Double Car Garage into Living Space construction
Features showing double Car Garage into Living Space

You can convert a two-car garage into an entire apartment suitable for a single person or couple.


1. Clear out the garage by removing any debris or other items.

2. For information regarding placement of windows, utilities, ceiling clearances and building permits contact your local zoning office. To get a building permit you may be asked to submit a set of blueprints.

3. Sketch an overall open floor plan for the interior living space. This also reduces the need for construction of walls because only two walls will be needed for bathroom.

4. Design kitchen and bathroom next to each other to reduce the piping needed for water and drainage.

5. Decide the location of the kitchen appliances such as an apartment size stove, refrigerator and also the bathroom items in such as a corner shower, toilet and vanity.

6. By planning built-in storage areas and shelving into the walls make maximum use of floor.

7. Mark electrical outlets and wiring on the drawings. Mark an entrance and exit if there are no doorways.

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