Comparison Of Wood Fencing And Vinyl Fencing

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
Comparison of wood fencing and vinyl fencing
Wood fencing vs vinyl fencing

When you are considering building fence in your home, you will be surrounded with plenty of choices and options and it can be very overwhelming to choose one out of all. To help you out here is the best two materials Wood fencing and vinyl fencing and a comparative study about both of them to help you decide which one is better and which one to install.

Wood fencing



Wood fencing has been there in the market since number of years and has passed the test of time. It has a classic and timeless look which can complement home with almost any kind of style. Wood fencing is available in plenty of styles, designs and heights. If you opt for tall wooden fence then, it is very good privacy whereas if you opt for short wooden fencing then they can look more decorative. There are plenty of variety from where you can you choose your wood type. Here are some of them, fir, cedar, oak pine, redwood, spruce and many others. If you want to show the natural tone of the wood then you will have to stain your fence.

Costing of wood fencing



Installation of Wood fencing
Wood fencing in home

The costing of wood fencing is from $10 to $30. If you want to install 150 linear feet of fencing, which is usually suitable for a residential backyard then it will be having an average area of $150 to $4500. If you want to install a 4 foot fencing then it might fall on the lower end of price range whereas if you are intending to go for a 6 foot fencing then it would basically fall in the higher price range. If you are choosing high quality wood then it will be more as compared with that of lower quality wood. If you choose sturdy and robust wood like cedar or oak then it will be costing more to you as compared to that with lower quality wood species like pine. Several times the cost of building gate would also be included in the buying price only while in some cases they would be sold in separate manner. If they are sold in separate manner then the price range will go from few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars based upon the size and the quality of the fencing. If you add up decorative features like scalloped top then it might add up cost of $2 per linear foot. If you are removing your old fence then it will generally add up about $3 to $6 per linear square foot. If you are calculating cost for 150 linear feet then it would be costing $450 to $900. If you are opting for DIY installation then can save you several bucks. It can probably save up to 50 percent of the total costing but however opting for DIY installation can be time con summing and also tough job.If you are taking a risk and opting for DIY installation when you don’t have adequate knowledge about then chances are there of roof collapse. However if you are experienced, skilled and have some sought of knowledge regarding DIY installation then you can definitely go for it.

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Vinyl fencing



When taken as a fencing material, vinyl is quite new in the market but this doesn’t make it less comparative at all. The very first sale of vinyl was done in the year 1980’s but over the previous decades, it has explored itself very much. Vinyl fencing is manufactured from plastic which is known as polyvinyl chloride. They will need very little amount of maintenance and they can resist corrosion in a better manner. The installation process of vinyl fencing is also very easy. Vinyl fencing has many color options but when compared with wood fencing, it is limited as vinyl fencing is painted in the factory itself and it cannot be repainted later on. There are plenty of styles in case of vinyl fencing like privacy, picket and ornamental and along with that it is also available in plenty of sizes. S

Costing of vinyl fencing



Installation of Vinyl fencing
Vinyl fencing in home

As compared with that of wood fencing, the cost of vinyl fencing is quite high. The general price range of vinyl fencing is from $25 to $40 per linear foot. If you want to know the costing of 150 linear feet then it would be probably ranging from $3750 to $6000. Well vinyl fencing has long life and they are also sold with a longer warranty period. The pricing of gate is several times added with the price while several times it is not added. If you want to opt for scalloped edges then it would be costing $2 extra per linear foot. The installation process of vinyl fencing is very easy and hence you can easily go for DIY installation and save up your total costing.

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Vinyl fencing maintenance



The maintenance of vinyl fencing is quite easy and there is no special maintenance need of vinyl fencing. The only maintenance need that vinyl fencing has is to wash it from time to time for removing dirt, scuffs and grass stains. You can make use of mild detergent like dish washing liquid and mix it up with warm water to make vinyl fence cleaning solution. You also need to use scrub brush for cleaning the fencing with solution. When you are doe clearing the fencing with soap and water solution, rinse your vinyl fencing by using garden hose. If the stains on your vinyl fencing are very tough then you can make use of diluted bleach solution on one of the portion of the part of the fencing which is not easily visible for checking for the discoloration. If you find any discoloration then you must not use bleach for cleaning vinyl fencing. However maintenance can be a issue if you are residing in an area with extreme temperature as vinyl fencing is not much suitable at a place with high temperature and repair of vinyl fencing is also quite difficult.


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