Color ideas for teen rooms

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)
Color ideas for teens room
Color options for teens room

Teens are very picky when it comes their room colors and hence you have to be very smart while doing up their rooms. They want to portray their as a manifestation of their own personality and style which finds a strong demonstration through the wall shades. Are you too planning a new coat of paint for your teen queen or teen master’s bedroom? Well, the article here is a brief on ideal color selection for a teen room.

Before proceeding further with the discussion on colors, it’s advised that you consult with your son or daughter about the room colors. As mentioned earlier, the teenagers would love to have their rooms done up just as per their preferred style and an open discussion with them will make your task a lot easier. When it comes to teen girls, pink is of course the most clichéd yet most popular choice. The color is the hallmark of feminity and hence never loses its significance when it comes to a girl’s bedroom. Lavenders are a favorite as well and so is a white wall all decked up with bright pink polka dots. If your daughter wants an urbane and edgy look, muted golds and deep reds are sure to catch her fancy.

In regards to a teen boy’s bedroom, bold colors are the most preferred. Rich purple is a top favorite among many teen guys and so is bright yellow. Other preferred deep bold colors for a boy’s room include electric orange or vibrant blue. Actually, the strong colors add on an energy quotient into the room which feels appropriate with the warm-blooded teen populace. However, some of the teenagers love to have a calming effect in their rooms to create an easy retreat from the surrounding maddening world. Beige and mint green would look perfect to create the tranquil atmosphere inside.

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