Choice of bathroom flooring: Marble or granite

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
varied options of bathroom flooring
Bathroom flooring installation for home

Bathrooms are very significant in our day-to-day lives. Bathroom floorings are given lots of importance now-a-days. People intend to choose best bathroom floorings. Mostly, people set up marble or granite bathroom floorings in their houses for perfect interior decoration.

Marble bathroom floorings are very much popular. They are used for many years. Marbles are obtainable in various shapes, sizes and formats. Traditional white and black marbles are always in heavy demand. The marbles are available in
standard sizes which when merged together create smooth flooring.

Granite is second in demand by customers. Granite is commonly available in black and graphite shades. Granite has rough finish. Now-a-days, granite tiles are accessible with smooth surfaces. Rough tiles will never be slippery. These are good especially for children and elderly people.
Other than these, people also choose Epoxy bathroom flooring in some cases. It is one of the cheapest bathroom floorings.

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