Carpet Flooring:Installation, cleaning, pros and cons

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)
Decorative Carpet flooring
Glamorous carpet flooring

Installing your wall to wall carpet is not a very easy job to do and not a kind of job everyone likes to take on their own. It is really hard on your back and knees and if you are not able to make it right, everyone can easily see where you messed up. However carpet flooring installation is not a rocket science. By using some special tools and being prepared to take some time out for the process, you can easily install carpet flooring. Installing carpet flooring in your room is a great way to enhance the beauty of your room. Along with that it also gives better insulation to the room and an extremely comfortable surface to walk on. Carpet is a flexible material and it can be used in any of the parts of the home starting from stairs to bedroom, from living rooms to family rooms, it can fit in anywhere. It makes your place look more cozy and desirable.  There are plenty of carpet flooring designs and carpet flooring textures available to choose from. If installed and maintained in proper manner, it has great durability and can last for many years. There are various carpet flooring ideas, designs and textures but you need to choose the one which suits with your window and your furniture. Research precisely, about the carpet flooring prices prevailing in your area. Sometimes it may happen that when you start adding up all the things, you may discover that carpet flooring cost can range from $1400 to $4000 for normal size living room. Now, if this is what you cannot afford, then you should drop the idea of carpet flooring installation in your home.

If you finally decide to opt for such types of flooring, you must keep in mind that the types of carpet flooring which looks best in the store is not the one which will also look good in your home. While choosing the types of carpet, keep in mind the interior and furnishing of your home. This will help you to get better result after installation. Choosing which carpet is best suited to your home is much more than just running your hands across some samples and picking your favorite pattern and color. You must have knowledge about what makes a good carpet, what padding should be used and the best way to install it. Here are some of the carpet flooring types from which you can select the best one.

Carpet flooring types

  • Wool carpet flooring

Wool is considered as the luxury choice. It is the best types of carpet flooring to opt for. Wool is very soft material but still it is very much durable. But one of the drawbacks of wool carpet flooring is that it is extremely expensive.

  • Nylon carpet flooring

The durability of nylon is also quite good. In fact, it is as good as that of wool. Nylon is also very much soft and it is also quite good at resisting stains. The costing of nylon is also much low as compared to that of wool.

  • Olefin carpet flooring

Olefin is a great choice for commercial usage as well as indoor and outdoor areas. This material is durable and also resistant to stains and water. When compared to nylon, it is less resilient and it can easily crush or mat.

  • Acrylic carpet flooring

Such types of flooring looks like wool but it easily tends to fuzz. These cannot be used in living rooms and bedrooms but they are most often used in bathroom as it can resist mildew and moisture.

carpet flooring installation
installation of carpet flooring

When you are done with choosing the types of carpet flooring, the next thing you must be wondering about would be its installation. Here is a step wise method for carpet flooring installation.

Carpet flooring installation

  • Get rid of old carpet

Start your work by removing the molding around your floor and also take your door off your entrance. This will provide you with ease in taking the old carpet out and new carpet in. vacuum your old carpet properly before removing it so that you don’t inhale any dust coming out from it. Make use of the utility knife for cutting the carpet into strips. Cut it 3 to 4 feet wide.

  • Roll the strips in sections

Start up with one end and start pulling the carpet off the tackles strips. After doing so, you can roll the carpet in sections. Some people think that they can reuse the existing underlay. But this is not possible as in most of the cases; it will be worn out just like the carpet. So, it’s advisable to get rid of them as well.

  • Don’t remove the tack trips

While dealing with tile floor installation, make sure the floor is clean and dry. This is the right time for checking the sub floor and fastening any floorboards securely which might be loose so that, they don’t squeak under your new carpet. Make sure to use 1 ½ screws in the underlying floor joists.

  • Install new tackles strips

You must install new tackles strips if it’s a new construction. If you are going for the vinyl or hardwood floors around the perimeter of your room but in front of the doorways then also you have to install new tackles strips. Leave a gap of about ½ inch between walls and strips. Ensure that there are tacks or pins facing towards the walls. These are known as tackles strips even though they possess two to three rows of sharp tacks as using these tackles strips will make sure you don’t need to tack your carpet down. Ensure that the tackles strips are butted tightly against each other at the corner.

  • Laying the under nap

Put your under pad down in strips which reaches up to the tackles strips. Butt your strips against each other. Make sure you don’t overlap them. After that, staple the underlay along the inside edge of the tackles strip. Trim down the excess underlay on the inside of the tackles strip and also use the duct tape for sealing the seams. Small amount of glue can be used on concrete flooring for holding the pad in its place.

  • Laying the carpet

For installing the carpet flooring efficiently, start with a piece which overlap the edge of the floor by 4 to 6 inches. After that the overlay can be trimmed to fit in the carpet properly. For cutting down the first section, measure the room at its longest point and add up 6 inches of that measurement. Mark down the back of your carpet on both the edges with that measurement and join both the marks with chalk line. Fold your carpet flooring over on itself. Use a straight edge and sharp utility knife and start cutting through the backside of your carpet. Make sure to place a piece of scrap board beneath the cut line for protecting the underlying carpet.

  • Seams

If your room is very wide that you will have to install more than two piece of carpet flooring then you have to follow similar process with another one- measure, then mark and then trim. Ensure that the carpet pile is running in the similar manner in both the pieces and also the carpet piece is large enough for overlapping the walls by 4 to 6 inches along with overlapping the first piece of carpet by 4 to 6 inches. Overlap both the pieces at the exact spot where carpet pieces join each other. Use a rented seam cutter or a utility knife to cut through both the pieces of carpet making sure that the edges will match accurately. After you cut the carpet, center a piece of seaming tape on the floor beneath the area where they join and use adhesive to side them up. Make use of seaming iron for activating the adhesive. Keep in mind that the iron goes on the tape and not on the top of the carpet. After that butt the edges all together and seal the seams with carpet roller or a rolling pin.

  • Attach the carpet

Use a knee kicker for attaching the carpet on one edge. A knee kicker is considered as solid metal tool which is about 18 inch long having teeth which can grip the carpet from one end and a heavy padded butt on the other. The toothed end of the kicker must be placed about 3 inches from the wall and drive the knee forcefully along the padded end of the tool. This will result in stretching the carpet over the tackles strip where all the tacks will grab and hold it steady in its place. To finish attaching the carpet, you need a carpet stretcher. A carpet stretcher is just same as that of a knee kicker but it’s not much longer. Place one of the ends of the carpet stretcher against the wall where the carpet is already attached. Then place the other end about 6 inches far from the wall. Carpet stretcher is also equipped with teeth to get a grip of the carpet. When you push the activation lever, the carpet will be stretched over the tackles strip nearby the wall. Work the way around the room, by stretching the carpet, over tackles strips, and trim the carpet nearby the wall with utility knife or even with a wall trimmer.

  • Finishing

Use a stair tool and tuck your carpet down into the gap between the walls and tackles strips. Trim the carpet at the doorway so that the edge is centered under closed door and also install a door edge strip. Cut any of the vent openings and also install the molding on the baseboards. That’s it; you are done with carpet flooring installation. Now sit back, relax and admire all the hard work you have put in for your floor.

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Carpet floor installation tools
Tools for carpet floor installation

List of things and tools you will need for carpet flooring installation:

  • Hammer
  • Utility knife
  • Stapler
  • Tackless strips
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk line
  • Safety glasses
  • Stair tool
  • Work gloves
  • Rolling pin
  • Knee pads
  • Seam cutter
  • Knee kicker
  • Seam tape
  • Seaming iron
  • Wall trimmer
  • Seam roller
  • Strip cutter
  • Power stretcher

The installation process here finally comes to end. It’s important that you know maximum about the carpet flooring which you are going to install in your home and is going to stay for the many years to come. To make you more aware about carpet flooring, here are some of the carpet flooring pros and cons.

Carpet flooring advantages and disadvantages


  • Warmth

Carpet flooring is very much popular for giving warmth. They are also a good source of insulation. Whether it is cold or hot, carpet flooring can help maintain both of them and cut down costs. While on the other hand, if you opt for hardwood floors or tile flooring, it might look stylish and clean but they allow too much cold or heat to radiate through the floor. Carpet flooring retains 10 to 15 % of heat which is really very cost efficient.

  • Color

Carpet floor colors
Colors of carpet floors

Carpet flooring adds color to your room. It also adds class and style. Carpet flooring can set a tone and it can inspire the choice of furnishing which is used to create character of your home. Carpet flooring can add life and give unique looks to each room. The color, design and thickness of the carpet can really make a statement in each of the room.

  • Sound

Carpet flooring is aesthetically very appealing and it is also great floor covering for insulating sound. Carpet flooring is popular for absorbing sound and keeping it isolated in specific rooms. It also cuts down on the echo effect.

  • Health

There are many particles which gets attracted to the floor and make the floor dirty. Because of the structure of the carpet textile, these particles get trapped into the carpet fibers. This deducts the amount suspended in air by about 50% and thereby reducing the amount of dust being inhaled in.

  • Safety

Statistics shows that lesser falls are there on the carpet flooring as compared to that with hard floors. The cushions in carpet flooring provides a very soft padding and thus if you even fall, then also it’s not much serious. If you have elders and children’s in your home, then such flooring can be a good choice for you. Children’s have tendency to fall very often and having carpet flooring installed will ensure that they will not be hurt much even if they fall.

  • Comfort

One of the biggest advantages of carpet flooring is the level of comfort it gives. When you come back home from work after a long day, kicking your shoes off and walking on the floor which gives feeling like it is made from clouds is just awesome.

  • Cost effective

One of the major pros of carpet flooring is its cost effectiveness. It’s really an inexpensive option to opt for, as compared to that of hardwood floors. Carpet flooring prices are also very much affordable and as it has DIY (do-it-yourself) option for installation, carpet flooring cost can even reduce more.  Hence, when a homeowner wants to go for inexpensive option for floor covering then he can definitely go for carpet floors.

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  • Maintenance

Carpet flooring needs high maintenance. If there is any lapse in the maintenance part of these flooring, it will make your whole room to look dirty and ugly instead of looking inviting and warm. So, if you go for carpet flooring installation in your home, you need to vacuum it on a regular basis and go for deep cleaning, minimum once in a year. Dander and pollen usually settle down on such flooring and hence they are not as clean as they look.

  • Sensitive to moisture and stains

Carpet flooring is very sensitive material for flooring. It can very easily absorb spills which can cause a very long lasting remainder on your flooring. There are certain carpet floors in today’s time which offers stain protection but other than this, will soil very easily and in certain cases even permanently. Carpet floors can easily get damaged when soaked. When these floors are exposed to moist environments, they will also be prone to mildew which can be a serious trouble for many homeowners. Carpet floors can be ruined very easily, if pad under it gets wet. Mold will grow and it can be a big hazard for your health. If you discover that your pad is soaked, then you need to replace it as soon as possible.

  • Damage

Carpet flooring is generally made up of less resilient materials and thus the likelihood of it getting damaged is possibly more. Carpet floors can easily get damaged when any furniture is moved from one room to another. Even the damaged carpet floor is not that easy to repair. Hence, once damaged you might have to think of replacing it, which can indeed be very costly measure.

  • Health

Carpet flooring can also be considered as hazardous to health especially for those people having respiratory problems. Carpets are type of material which holds on dust, moisture along with allergens and the biggest issue with moisture is growth of mold. This can be very serious issue for people with allergies and breathing problems. Even infants who are very much sensitive can have many problems, if carpet is not cleaned regularly from time to time.

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We just studied above how much important it is to keep your carpet flooring clean and hygienic. Now carpet is very sensitive flooring and hence you need to learn right ways of cleaning your carpet floors.

Ways to clean carpet floors

  • Vacuum your carpet

Tips of Cleaning carpet floors
Carpet floor cleaning tips

You need to prepare your floor before vacuuming it. Pick up any toys, papers, coins or any other small items from the floor. Check for the things under your furniture. Dust your furniture, windows, baseboards and other areas of room. After that, vacuum the floor properly.

  • Use nozzle attachment

If you want to go for deep cleaning, then use a nozzle attachment and then vacuum your floor. This nozzle is for those areas where you cannot reach easily. It is for under the furniture areas or unreachable corners.

  • Spot clean your carpet

There will be many stains and spills on your floors which will not be gone by vacuuming it. Take a white cloth or you can also take paper towels and clean your floor with them. Sprinkle any cleaner on the floor and then go for cleaning it with cloth or paper towel.

Above mentioned all the details about carpet flooring starting from its installation to benefits from drawbacks to cleaning, all of these will be really helpful in taking decision whether you should opt for it or not. Making proper research and then taking final decision always help in the long run.


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